Program 9A Army Enlistment Options

U.S. Army Training Enlistment Program

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Enlistment Program 9A is available to qualified Non-Prior Service (NPS), Prior Service (PS), and Glossary NPS applicants. Applicants must enlist for the minimum term of enlistment authorized by REQUEST (Note: "REQUEST" is the computer system that Army Guidance Counselors at MEPS use to determine which MOS's (jobs) and which enlistment options are available at the time of enlistment). PS applicants must be authorized to re-train in order to enlist under this program.

Under this program, the enlistee is guaranteed

  • a specific MOS or a Career Management Field (CMF)
  • airborne training if REQUEST option 4 is available for the MOS, with an uncommitted assignment is selected
  • language and intelligence MOS/training, if selected, and qualifications are met for the MOS in which you are enlisting for

All enlistees must meet the prerequisites and qualifications for the selected MOS before and after enlistment.

Applicants may be eligible for one or more of the options below, providing they are qualified and the REQUEST computer shows the option to be available at the time of enlistment. Primary Enlistment Options available under this enlistment program are:

REQUEST Option 3: United States Army Training of Choice. Under this option, the soldier is guaranteed to receive training in a specific MOS or CMF. See below for details.

REQUEST Option 4: United States Army Airborne. Option 4 guarantees Airborne training (jump school).

REQUEST Option 5: United States Army Unassigned.

REQUEST Option 6: United States Army English Language Comprehension. See below for more information.

REQUEST Option 10: United States Army Trainee English Second Language. See below for more information.

REQUEST Option 15: United States Army National Call to Service.

REQUEST Option 24: United States Army 2 year Category IIIB with no assignment guarantee. Option 24 is a two-year active duty enlistment for applicants who score between 31 and 49 on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The number of MOSs available under this program is limited (generally, only those MOSs which do not require long training periods).

REQUEST Option 26: United States Army 2 year with no assignment guarantee. Two-year active duty enlistment. The number of MOSs available under this program is limited (generally, only those MOSs which do not require long training periods).

REQUEST Option 28: United States Army GED+ Program. GED+ is an on-going experimental program. The program allows the Army to enlist up to 4,000 non-high school graduates per year. Applicants must score at least 50 on the ASVAB. To qualify for the GED+ program, recruits must have left high school for a non-disciplinary reason, be too old to return to high school, and have no moral character problems. The Army sponsors applicants to complete a local attendance based GED program prior to accession if the applicant doesn't already possess a GED.

REQUEST Option 29: Unites States Army College First.

Guaranteed Training

The training selected is based on current training requirements existing at the time of applicant's enlistment. The applicant must understand, however, that one of the following may occur: training selected may be discontinued before attendance; soldier later may become medically disqualified for training selected, or soldier may fail to receive required security clearance (not because of data withheld at the time of enlistment). If any of these occurs, the soldier will be given the chance to select related training or any other training for which qualified and a training requirement (quota) exists. An alternate selection will be honored. The soldier will be required to complete the term of service for which enlisted. If the solider does not desire alternate training, the solider may initiate a request for discharge, for unfulfilled enlistment contract.

The course length for training is not guaranteed and that the Army may change the course length or numeric designation of a MOS. (Enlistment remains valid provided that the MOS does not change content substantially.)

This program does not guarantee, imply or promise any assignment upon completion of AIT (job school). Further, no guarantee that the soldier will or will not be assigned to an overseas location is made. Recruiters and guidance counselors cannot make speculations or verbal commitments with regard to any provisions of this program.

If relieved from training for academic deficiency, disciplinary reasons, or failure to receive required security clearance because of information withheld by the applicant at the time of enlistment, then the soldier will be assigned, according to the needs of the Army, and required to complete the term of service for which enlisted.

This program may be combined with an incentive program (such as enlistment bonus or Army College Fund) if the applicant meets the requirements of the incentive program and then enlists for a MOS under such program.

MOS Which Require Language Training

Relief from school course for academic deficiency, disciplinary reasons, or failure to obtain the required security clearance is a basis for reassignment under needs of the Army. The soldier will be required to complete his or her term of service for which enlisted.

The Army makes every effort to use language-qualified personnel. Language school graduates may be assigned duties in an appropriate country or area, or be given training in another MOS under needs of the Army before first duty assignment.

For persons who possess proficiency in the language for which enlisting, the course length may be reduced by the authority of the Director, Defense Language Institute.

English Second Language Option

The soldier will not initially be guaranteed training in any specific MOS/CMF, or assignment to any specific station, command, unit, or area.

The soldier will be required to attend the English Language Training Program (ELTP).

The soldier will be administered the ECLT upon completion of training. If the score is 70 or greater, the soldier will be required to retake the ASVAB.

The resulting scores from the ASVAB retest will become the scores of record from which qualifications for training and enlistment programs will be determined. If a score of at least 21 is not obtained on the ASVAB retest, with at least one qualifying aptitude area score, the soldier will be assigned a MOS and enlistment programs based upon their initial ASVAB scores.

If neither the ASVAB retest nor the initial ASVAB scores qualify the soldier a MOS and enlistment program(s), then the soldier will be separated from the Army. (f) If the soldier fails to attain the required score of 70 or better on the ECLT, then he or she will be separated from the Army regardless of AFQT and aptitude area scores.

English Language Comprehension Option

English Language Comprehension Enlistment Option (ECEO) is open to all applicants who do not speak or write English language proficiently. ECEO will allow applicants, who do not possess the basic skills, to enlist in the RA unassigned and attend an English Language Training Program (ELTP). Upon completion of ECEO program soldiers will be administered the ECLT. Soldiers scoring 70 or greater will be required to take the ASVAB and score a 21 or greater AFQT to qualify for MOS according to appropriate aptitude area scores.

Information Derived From Army Regulation 601-210