Army Enlisted Job Descriptions (Field 88)

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The Career Field 88 is the Transportation Military Occupational Specialty. The Transportation Corps is a Force Sustainment branch of the U.S. Army headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia, and is responsible for the movement of personnel and material by truck, rail, air, and sea. The Transportation Corps provides a full spectrum of transportation capabilities at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.​

Army MOS's: Transportation Field

88H - Cargo Specialist - Cargo specialists help ensure Army forces receive supplies, weapons, equipment, and mail - on a daily basis, all over the world. They are primarily responsible for transferring or supervising the transfer of passengers, cargo, and equipment to and from air, land and water transport by manual and mechanical methods.

88K - Watercraft Operator - Watercraft operators are part of a piloting team using electronic positioning systems, handheld navigation tools, and traditional watch standing procedures aboard many of the Army's watercraft. Watercraft Operators are primarily responsible for navigation, cargo operations and supervising other Soldiers on Army watercraft.

88L - Watercraft Engineer - Watercraft Engineers are primarily responsible for supervising or performing maintenance on Army watercraft and auxiliary equipment on marine vessels.

88M - Motor Transport Operator - Motor transport operators in the U.S. Army have the important job of transporting cargo and personnel to strategic locations. 88M MOS are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport important people and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army's support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.

88N - Transportation Management Coordinator - Transportation Management Coordinators are primarily responsible for scheduling and selecting the modes of transportation for personnel and equipment.

88P - Railway Equipment Repairer - This job is available only in selected Army Reserve units. It is not available for active duty. Railway Equipment Repairers are primarily responsible for supervising or performing maintenance on diesel-electric locomotives and rolling stock.

88T - Railway Section Repairer - Railway section repairers are primarily responsible for performing maintenance on railway tracks, roadbeds, switches, fences and other railway facilities. Members of the Army railway team, such as the railway section repairer, play an integral role in the operation and maintenance of the Army’s railway operating battalions.

88U - Railway Operations Crew member - This job is available only in selected Army Reserve units. It is not available for active duty. Railway Operations Crew members are primarily responsible for supervising and operating diesel-electric locomotives and related equipment. They also serve as a crew member or brakeman in the makeup and movement of railway cars/trains.

88Z - Transportation Senior Sergeant - After years of experience and progressing through the ranks, the 88Z is the transportation senior sergeant and supervises the operation and control of movement for personnel and cargo by air, rail, motor transport and water. The Transportation Senior Sergeant manages and coordinates the operation and maintenance of Army watercraft.

88A - The Field 88 Soldier - This soldier is schooled in Transportation Operations, Traffic Management, Convoy Operations, Cargo Transfer, Cargo Documentation, Movement Control, Operation of Heavy Material Handling Equipment, Sailing and Maintenance of Army Vessels, and Unloading Aircraft, Ships, Railcars, and Trucks. They are the backbone of the Army.