Army Corps of Engineers Jobs

12 Series MOS, Carpenters, Electricians, Masons, and More

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Army enlisted jobs are called military occupation specialties (or MOS). Within the Army Corps of Engineers, who are the builders of the Army, there are about a dozen jobs, including plumbers, firefighters, and carpenters. But these soldiers aren't sitting behind desks and reading blueprints; they frequently do their work in combat situations.

The Army divides its MOSs into "Fields," of jobs that have similar missions. Below are some of the jobs that belong to the Corps of Engineer Field.

Combat Engineer MOS 12B

Combat engineers supervise or assist team members traveling over rough terrain in combat situations. The combat engineer needs to be an expert in mobility, counter-mobility, survival, and general engineering. Their duties include building defenses to protect fellow troops and destroying obstacles. This may include building bridges, roads or airfields, as well as laying and clearing mines.

Bridge Crewmember MOS 12C

These soldiers prep bridge sites, assembling fixed and float bridges. This work is performed under various adverse conditions, including combat. Crewmembers often work closely with combat engineers, who prepare firing positions for combat situations, often using bridges as lookout points.

Diver MOS 12D

As the name suggests, divers with the Army Corps of Engineers conduct underwater repair and maintenance work and may be involved in submarine rescue operations. They also support special warfare and explosive ordnance disposal troops while using diving gear. Part of their duties involves repairing underwater ship structures, such as submarine propellers and hulls. The ability to use SCUBA gear is obviously crucial to this job.

Construction Engineering Supervisor MOS 12H

These soldiers oversee the construction, repair, and utilities of buildings, warehouses, fixed bridges, port facilities and petroleum pipelines, tanks, and related equipment. They estimate the time and materials needed for jobs, and direct combat engineering missions.

Prime Power Production Specialist MOS 12P

These specialists operate and oversee the Army's electrical power plants, performing mechanical, electrical and instrument functions necessary to install and prepare power station equipment for initial startup. These soldiers will undergo training in electrical engineering, but their duties are more specific than electrical engineers' duties.

Technical Engineer MOS 12T

Soldiers in this role are responsible for overseeing construction site development, which includes surveying, drafting and creating construction plans and specs. They're kind of the Army version of a construction site foreman. These soldiers conduct land surveys and make maps, playing an important part of all Army construction projects.

Carpentry and Masonry Specialist MOS 12W

These soldiers perform many of the duties their civilian counterparts have on commercial construction sites, only they may be in combat zones while doing so. The structures they build include such things as bridge trusses and rigging devices. They work closely with combat engineers, building frames and roofs, as well as walls and columns.

Geospatial Engineer MOS 12Y

These soldiers extract geographic data from the Army's satellite imagery, aerial photography, and field reconnaissance and use that data to create maps and visualizations, which are in turn used for commanders who need to visualize terrain and battlefield conditions. They're often called upon to interpret complex imagery under intense conditions.