How to Become a US Army 79R Recruiter

Army recruiter Staff Sgt. Pablo Valdez Martinez (L) smiles as he greets a potential Army recruit in the new office for the City Hall Recruiting Station December 17, 2009 in lower Manhattan in New York.
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Whether you had a good experience or bad experience with your Army recruiter, many members in the Army do consider to continue their Army career helping the Army recruit new members. Many want to make the process better and some want to emulate the first Army person that made an impact on their lives when they were in the recruiting process. Either way, the mission is the same and the Army needs good people to be recruiters. Do you think you might enjoy being an Army Recruiter? How can you prepare and apply for it? 

Purpose, Vision, Mission of Army Recruiting Command

Purpose: Recruit the strength of our Army

Vision: A team of proud professionals where all members understand the importance of sustaining The All-Volunteer Army for our Nation and are empowered and committed to doing their part to accomplish the recruiting mission.
 Recruit America's best volunteers to enable the Army to win in a complex world.

What Is a U.S. Army Recruiter?

In the U.S. Army, a Recruiter NCO is part of the Adjutant General's Corps. His or her duties are described as "Recruits qualified personnel for entry into the Army in accordance with applicable regulations, supervises recruiting and recruiting support activities."

Recruiters may be skill level 3, 4, or 5. People working at skill level 3 are "on the ground," working directly with young people who are interested in an Army career. At higher levels, Army recruiters are developing recruitment plans, managing programs, and making presentations.

  • At skill level 3, recruiters work directly with potential soldiers. They conduct interviews, counsel potential recruits, and determine whether potential recruits are qualified for the U.S. Army. 
  • At skill level 4, recruiters are one step away from working directly with recruits, though they may do so from time to time. Instead, they work directly with skill level 3 recruiters, providing training and analyzing results.
  • At skill level 5, recruiters develop training programs and outreach programs. They also analyze statistics, manage publications, and prepare enlistment reports. They may also evaluate and report on the work of recruiters in the field.

What Is the Process for Becoming a Recruiter?

According to the U.S. Army, most of its recruiters are on a three-year special duty assignment. Once their recruiting duties are over, they are reassigned back to their primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) job. Eligible Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant through Sergeant First Class can volunteer for recruiting duty if otherwise qualified. Soldiers who volunteer for recruiting duty have the option of selecting their priority of assignments under the assignment incentive program.

The Army can also involuntarily select eligible Soldiers for this three-year special duty assignment. This is known as an "A DA-selected Recruiter." The selection process starts with assignment managers at the Personnel Command who review the personnel records of soldiers from all Army MOS (jobs). The best soldiers in each career field are nominated to be recruiters. The nominations are then sent to the field where each nominee's immediate commander must verify that the soldier meets the high standards necessary to become an Army recruiter. There is a similar program for selecting Drill Sergeants. On average, around 1,000 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) per year are involuntarily selected for recruiting duty.

However, there are some NCOs who are "permanent recruiters." After 24 successful months of special duty recruiting, NCOs can volunteer to re-train into MOS 79R, Recruiter.

Qualifications and Training Information

Army Recruiting Course (ARC): 6 weeks, 4 days, at Fort Knox

ASVAB Score Required: 110 in aptitude area GT waivable to 100 with a score of 100 in aptitude ST.

Security Clearance: Yes - Secret

Strength Requirement: None Established

Physical Profile Requirement: 132221

Other Qualifications: Formal training (successful completion of the appropriate MOS 79R course conducted under the auspices of the Recruiting and Retention School) is mandatory.

Other Requirements

  • Cannot have had a bankruptcy within the past 5 years, cannot have current credit problems
  • Must have a high school diploma. Those with GEDs can qualify if they have at least 30 college credits (waivers possible)
  • Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant must have less than 8 years time-in-service (TIS)
  • Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant (Promotable or Staff Sergeants must have less than 12 years TIS
  • Soldiers in the rank of Staff Sergeant (Promotable) or Sergeant First Class must have less than 14 years TIS
  • Must be at least 21 years old, but not exceed 37 for SGT or 39 for SSG or SFC.