How to Earn and Wear the Army Badge for Physical Fitness

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For Army service members, scoring well on the bi-annual fitness test is a requirement to make rank and in some cases, stay in service. However, there are members who score above average on the fitness test - even score the maximum level for their age group. For such higher performance, there are incentives for these service members from extra liberty days, guest PT instructor, become a Master Physical Fitness Trainer, and of course, the Physical Fitness Badge. 

Incentives for High Performance

At the command level, the commanding officer can grant the following incentives to those scoring 270-300 on the bi-annual Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT):

Soldiers achieving a P.T. score of 300 with 100 points in each event during a record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) are eligible for the following incentives:

  • Four-day pass.
  • Conduct individual P.T. two days (Tuesday and Thursday) per week.
  • Attend the Master Fitness Trainer Course.

Soldiers achieving a P.T. score of 270 or above with 90 points in each event during a record APFT is eligible for the following incentives:

  • Three-day pass.
  • Conduct individual P.T. one day (Tuesday) per week.

Soldiers enrolled in the Army Body Composition Program and APFT failures retaking the APFT are not eligible for the incentives.

About the Excellence in Physical Fitness Patch


The patch is a dark blue disc 1 5/8 inches (4.13 cm) in diameter edged dark blue; a yellow stylized human figure with arms outstretched in front of a representation of the coat of arms of the United States displaying six stars (three on each side of the figure) and thirteen alternating white and red stripes, all encircled by a blue designation band inscribed "PHYSICAL FITNESS" at top and "EXCELLENCE" below separated on either side by a star, all navy blue; edged with a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) navy blue border. Overall diameter is 2 5/8 inches (6.67 cm).


The inner shield alludes to the coat of arms of the United States. The stylized human figure emphasizes the significance of achieving personal fitness and physical ability in today's Army.

Award Eligibility

The badge is awarded to soldiers who obtain a minimum total score of 270, with a minimum score of 90 on each event, of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), and meet the weight control requirements in AR 600-9. Soldiers are required to meet the above criteria on each recorded test to continue to wear the badge.

Date Approved

The Physical Fitness Badge was established by the Secretary of the Army on 25 June 1986 and awarded effective 1 October 1986.

Wear Policy

The Physical Fitness Badge is authorized only as a cloth badge and will only be worn on the physical fitness uniform. It will be worn centered on the left side, above the breast, of the physical training T-shirt or sweatshirt.

It is not mandatory to wear the Physical Fitness badge, but many motivated Army soldiers still wear it with pride.