How to File for Child Support in Arizona

Learn How to File for Child Support or Child Support Modifications

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If you need to file for child support in Arizona or request a child support modification, you will need to contact Arizona's Division of Child Support Services. Child support is an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial support of a child.

Local Child Support Agencies

There are 25 child support agency offices throughout the state of Arizona. You can use the Division of Child Support Services' online portal and search feature to locate your local child support agency, as well as a list of contact phone numbers for each county's Clerk of the Court. Alternatively, you can call 2-1-1 to find the office nearest you.

The Division of Child Support Services provides services to any parent or person with a child who needs help with locating the noncustodial parent. Also, the division assists with establishing legal parentage of the child (paternity), establishing a child support order, and enforcing the support order and collecting child support payments.

File a Claim for Child Support

In order to file a claim for child support, you must become familiar with Arizona's child support guidelines.

You can use an online child support calculator to estimate the amount of child support you will receive. Then, you will need to print a child support application, called "Request for Title IV-D Child Support Services."

Complete the application and sign it in the presence of a qualified witness (one who is not related to you by blood or marriage, and who is at least 18 years old). Submit the application online or in person at your local child support agency.

Once your child support order has been established, sign up online to receive payments through Arizona's electronic payment card system.

File for a Child Support Modification

You can request a change in your child support order every three years. But, if there has been a change in circumstances or a condition that is substantial and continuing which shows a need for immediate modification of a support order, you can request a modification before the three year period is up. The circumstances can include adding or changing health insurance, a loss of a job, disability, incarceration, birth of an additional child, or an increase or decrease in income for either parent.

A modification will require a judicial review of an existing court order. The action taken can be an upward change in the child support award, a downward change in the child support award or no change at all.

You can print a modification application packet, which includes directions for submitting your request. Twice a month, the Division of Child Support Services offers a free workshop if you want to request a modification.

Additional Child Support Services

If you are in need of additional child support service, there are several federal and state resources.