Aries-Libra Moon North and South Nodes

Me and We

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The Aries-Libra Moon Node is a lifelong lesson to do with the swing between total independence and total togetherness.  The Aries-Libra polarity is one of going from the extremes of Me to We and all points in between.

The series began with her article Lunar Nodes, (moving) out of your comfort zone.

The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes.

Editor's Note: Professional astrologer and author Eileen Grimes continues her exclusive series for Eileen's explorations have led her into a deep study of the Moon's Nodes.

South Node Libra and North Node Aries

These souls inherently see life in Twos -- in other words, they always include others into their plans and life goals. They have, probably from many lifetimes, co-existed and have always thought of themselves as part of a duo. Their own sense of life is always filtered through the eyes of others.

The mirror in their lives is always that partner showing them who they are. They love, and receive love easily. And that's because of their own ability to completely understand the other people they are close to. Nothing is more flattering and loving to most of us than having someone who totally gets us, on every level.

These people do just that. They are the ultimate support system to us. They would truly opt to have their partners be in the limelight rather than themselves. They have known lifetimes of being in the background. I would go so far as to say that behind every successful person, whether man or woman, there’s a Libra south node person.

They truly are the ones that can become completely absorbed by people around them. People will come to them, naturally, for good words, and support. And the Libra south node will gladly give of their time to make others feel better.

Aesthetically, Venus-ruled people are likely to have amazing taste in things, and be quite attractive, physically. And, let's face it, they are just nice people.

Until one day, while in the middle of a disagreement with her husband, this same wife suddenly says: “Hey wait a minute, I’ve been giving to everyone with my time. When is it time for me?” Thus Spake Aries North Node.

The south node in Libra person has always understood others way more than they have understood themselves. And in this statement, lies the solution, (a.k.a. the north node in Aries). At some point, the soul must learn to find itself, on its own. The real lessons are to go it alone and find one’s way, without any assistance from anyone else.

The turning point in life is when the Libra south node realizes he or she just can’t be everything to everyone else - and starts carving out their own destiny.

South Node Aries/North Node Libra

Here is where the person with the south node in Mars-ruled Aries already has a sense of their own personal space. The allegiance is to the Self, and that's what has been developed. Their understanding is just about themselves. And if this looks selfish, it is to a certain degree.

Up until they were born with Libra north node, what was required of the soul was to experience life on their own terms. The self has had to learn about how they function -- not in relation to anyone else, but wholly unto themselves. Through the learning of the personal self, they were required to develop courage and fortitude, in order to defend the soul’s right to be here. Most likely many prior lives might have been male, or at least the integration of the male energies are complete and developed.

The soul has developed courage and a strong will and is not likely to surrender themselves to situations that require giving up their independence. There is a natural inclination to go it alone because there’s really no real interest in making connections to others. They can irritate people when they stay in their ego -- and continually put themselves first. Selfishness is probably, by and large, the noticeable personality trait, with a dash of arrogance and self-centeredness. What the Aries south node person truly is, is really just potently themselves.

This soul has, in his/her natural state, spent most of their time alone. They have learned from lifetime to lifetime complete self-sufficiency and not needing anyone. It's great that they can take care of themselves. But there is a point when a new feeling or sense will enter their awareness -- they feel lonely. When they reach that moment, things start to shift toward the north node in Libra.

The moving toward the north lunar node in Libra ultimately requires this soul to finally come to terms with how to understand others’ perspective. A struggle, yes, but each time the Aries south node person engages with another, somehow their own perspective is broadened and feels a bit more joyous -- and less lonely -- and ultimately loved