Aries and Aquarius Love Compatibility

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Aries and Aquarius are dazzlers who seek (and find) the next big thing. Aries says, "You're looking at it! I'm it!" Air sign Aquarius is fascinated by ideas but doesn't go in for the ego-stroking that Aries craves. 

Ever the paradox, Aquarius is the Zodiac's biggest individualist, yet finds it more natural to engage with more than one person. Aquarius has lots of friends and is in everybody's network. Aquarius in love is experimental and makes surprising — or even shocking — choices. 

Aries wants to see passion and intensity in the Waterbearer, but often finds a friendly, but detached manner. The Ram might misinterpret this as disinterest, and launch a preemptive rejection strike. Aries in love wants a rush of feeling and fire and lots of enthusiasm.

Aquarius is a cool character, and with a new friend, will be friendly, but friendly with everyone. Very often, they are most at home in a group of friends. It's difficult to isolate one and get them to focus on you only. For Aries, this can be maddening, and also deflate their confidence. 

On the other hand, Aries could take this on as a challenge, to get a rise out of Aquarius. There is a natural harmony here, with the sextile, and fire and air are compatible love elements. They give each other a lot of freedom and thrive on novelty. 

Both have a stubborn streak, and can be wed to their opinions, and not open to changing. This can paint one or the other into a corner, and neither are likely to back down. They have to learn the art of compromise to make it work. 

But life will never be boring when Aries and Aquarius get together. Aries respects the self-contained Aquarian nature and feels open to making spontaneous suggestions. Both are experimental, which can lead to wild times in and out of the bedroom. Aries needs lots of attention, and the Aquarius casts a wide net, which could lead the Ram to be lost in the crowd.

The rebel Aquarius resists being led around unless they are stimulated by the merit of the Ram's plans. This works when Aquarius makes Aries feel special, and Aries trusts Aquarius to do their own thing.

Edge Walkers

Here's a duo that makes great traveling partners, as well as companions out on the town. They'll seek out the fringes, going off into the alley to check out that bohemian speakeasy. Both need freedom to explore, with Aquarius needing lots of psychic space to sink into their chosen obsession.

An Aries with a big social life can come home to the solitary Aquarius without treading on this need for solitude. And yet, Aquarians are social creatures, too, and together they explore off-beat and exotic places. When togetherness is balanced with time apart, this is a compatible love connection.

Upside Crackling intellects, freedom-loving individualists, gung-ho for the new, edgy creatives, taboo busters, and risk takers.

Downside Both quick to end or be extreme in behavior, stubbornness means a struggle to reach compromise, bored easily, restless and distracted; addicted to novelty.

This match brings together Cardinal Fire (Aries) and Fixed Air (Aquarius).

Aries also has a dark side.

Aries and Aquarius Love Story

"On my aqua king," reader Arian Babe writes, "I have been in and out of sex with my aqua man for 12 yrs. He suddenly decides we are through, but I honestly think he is in love with me and can't handle it. I have a man, but I have always loved him and think I always will, the sex is great always and he is unpredictable I love that. I know he will be back for more no matter how long it takes. He told me in a million words before that he loves me. He just never actually said it, but I know I feel it."