Area 51: A Top Secret Government Facility

What Are They Keeping Secret at Area 51?

Warning Sign On Area 51 Border
Dan Callister/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Thousands of government employees are sworn to secrecy who have worked at or have knowledge of the base called Area 51. Why? It is known for a fact that many USA aircraft are designed and tested there, and for national security reasons, these state-of-the-art planes and weapons demand secrecy.

Captured UFOs at Area 51?

But is that the only reason for the veil? Many think not. Many reports have come from this clandestine site of reverse-engineering of UFOs, test flying UFOs from other worlds, and development of our own designs based on craft captured from other galaxies. The employees who work under the shroud of mystery are flown to the base in an unmarked Boeing 737 to perform their duties.

Government Denial of Existence of Area 51

For years the United States government denied the existence of Area 51 until Soviet pictures confirmed what many knew all along. The base did exist. The facility was originally designed for the testing of U-2 spy planes, and ultimately Stealth technology would be born there. The secret site has grown to many times its original size. The USAF took over command of Area 51, and its airspace in 1970. The facility is usually referred to as Dreamland.

Spacecraft of Futuristic Design

This mysterious fortress and its surrounding grounds are strictly off-limits. What secrets are kept inside this highly guarded facility? The rumors abound. Yes, there have been pictures of craft doing amazing maneuvers over these guarded skies, and pictures and video smuggled from inside. These smuggled articles purport to show living and dead aliens and spacecraft of futuristic design, but still, the government denies these claims.

Toxic Chemicals

During the 70's and 80's the workers at Area 51 were exposed to jet fuel toxins like JP7. Supposedly old computer parts were also burned in trenches. The workers were ordered to go into the trenches and mix up the material and were only allowed to wear protection up to their waist.

Helen Frost Lawsuit

Helen Frost, whose husband Robert was exposed to the toxic fumes and died 1988, filed a lawsuit against the government in 1996. But the case was dismissed by the judge because the government could neither confirm nor deny the allegations, and it was also stated that the base is exempt from any environmental laws. This was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, who refused to hear it. The exemption from disclosure of environmental contaminants is renewed each year by the President to preserve military secrets.

Activities Classified

The Air Force has acknowledged the existence of the Nellis Range Complex near the Groom Dry Lake for many years now. There are a variety of activities, some of which are classified, throughout the complex.

National Security

The range is used for the testing of technologies and systems training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S. military forces and the security of the United States.

Area 51 Activities That Cannot Be Discussed

Some specific activities and operations conducted on the Nellis Range, both past and present, remain CLASSIFIED and cannot be discussed.

Area 51 Timeline of Events

  • April 1955: Groom Lake is chosen as a test site for the U-2.
  • July 1955: Area 51 is finished, and the first U-2 was shipped on July 23.
  • June 20, 1958: 38,400 acres are withdrawn to create a security perimeter.
  • November 1958: An A-12 is shipped to Area 51.
  • January 1962: Existing restricted airspace is expanded.
  • 1965: The base population reaches over 1,800.
  • November 1977: The F117 prototype is shipped to Area 51.
  • May 1981: The first production of the F117 is airlifted to Area 51.
  • 1984: Nearly 89,000 acres of land is seized to push the border of restricted land far from the base.
  • July 17, 1988: A Soviet spy satellite takes a photo of Area 51 which is released in "Popular Science," and other publications.
  • April 10, 1995: Freedom Ridge and WhiteSides peak are taken from public access.
  • July 2013: An official history of the U-2 and OXCART is released by the CIA that acknowledges the existence of Area 51.