Are YOU Raising a Narcissistic Child?

Do you really want your kid to turn out like this?

According to a recent study, parents who "overvalue" their children during the ages of 7-11 "are more likely to produce narcissistic children -- who can grow up to become narcissistic adults, unless something is done about it." Yikes. Here's a look at what your future child could be if you keep overvaluing them. Don't say we didn't warn you...

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Your kid will have these awful characteristics.

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Whether your child is arrogant, preoccupied with power, or feels an overwhelming sense of entitlement, pretty much any of the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder are ones that no one wishes upon their child. 

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No one will want to be around them.

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They'll probably end up alone since no one will want to be with someone who's all "Me, me, me!" Whoever they're with will figure out these red flags and probably get out of there quick. Even if that doesn't happen, you'll still have to live with knowing your kid is kind of a brat.

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They'll make your life miserable.

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If you're spoiling your child, you may be opening yourself up for a whole lot of misery. You may be raising a willful child that ends up talking back to you, not following your rules, and perhaps getting into even worse trouble. Here are ten unhealthy reasons why parents avoid disciplining children. Are you making these mistakes?

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They'll be lazy and unmotivated.

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Yes, praising your kids incorrectly may actually backfire. If kids are constantly being praised for how wonderful they are, regardless of what they're doing, they won't feel motivated to try harder. They may also develop an aversion to trying new things and challenges if they're only praised for their achievements and not their efforts as well.

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Okay, so they may actually be a better leader...

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So we'll admit that narcissism  often a quality found in great leaders. Don't get too excited about this though. Yes, confidence, extraversion, and assertiveness, are all qualities that can benefit your narcissist, they also may be poor at maintaining solid interpersonal relationships, which is a key part of networking and advancement in the workplace. It's all about balance, which won't be taught by a coddling parent.

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...But they might also end up like this.

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Narcissists may be known for being able to hold positions of power, but there's also a much darker side to these characteristics. Many serial killers and psychopaths exhibit narcissistic traits. Now, we know you don't want your child to end up like that.

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Don't worry, you can easily avoid this fate!

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We have some fantastic tips for parenting that will avoid all of these fates and keep you from raising a narcissistic child!

Here are some tips on the "right" kind of praise:

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And here are some mistakes you may want to avoid:

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