Are Supersets Only Good For Cutting and Definition Purposes?

A big misconception in regards to supersets is that they are only good when you are following a cutting or definition phase.  However, many bodybuilders such as Dave Draper and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used them with great success for mass-building purposes. The same is true of my own training.

Supersets are a fantastic way to get a lot of work done in a very short amount of time.  While at first it may be hard for you to use the same amounts of weights that you usually use, your cardiovascular system will get used to the increased workload and then your strength will go back up.

In my opinion, the best type of supersets for mass gains are the ones performed with opposing muscle group exercises (such as chest and back, thighs and hamstrings, or biceps and triceps) as they allow you to use maximum weights once your body gets used to the increased cardiovascular demands.

Using Supersets to Break Plateaus on Stubborn Bodyparts

Another great application for supersets is to use them for shocking of stubborn bodyparts.  We all have a bodypart or two that just does not seem to respond to weight training as good as the others.  For stubborn body parts like these, supersets of two exercises that target the same muscle group work really well.

For example, my quads are my stubborn body part.  So many times I like to superset leg extensions followed by leg press.  Other times I superset leg extensions followed by squats.  While I will not be able to do as much weight on my basic exercise of choice, the muscle is really stimulated and I get much better results by using these type of supersets than when I use the heavier weights on single sets of leg press or squats.

For more information on supersets and sample bodybuilding routines that use them, please take a look at the supersets definition on my glossary of bodybuilding terms.