These Architecture Fails Definitely Aren't Up to Code

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Dear Contractor: You're Fired!

Let's just go ahead and, um, knock down that wall so the driveway actually leads to the garage. How much will that cost?

When it comes to constructing buildings, it's usually best to leave it up to the professionals rather than doing it yourself. Not everyone is good at measuring, using power tools, and creating structurally-sound dwellings, after all. That being said, even the pros mess up royally sometimes! Once in awhile you see an example of a building project that went so utterly wrong, you have to wonder if it was designed by an actual architect or any Joe Schmoe who owns a table saw. Either the architects involved in these designs were sleeping on the job or they're just totally bad at their jobs; either way, we love to laugh at their mistakes.

Take a look at some of the funniest architectural fails ever captured on camera. Bonus: these screw-ups will almost definitely make you feel pretty happy about your own home, no matter how modest it may be. 

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No House Is Complete Without A Tree Growing Out The Side Wall

"This isn't a mistake; it's a feature," said the realtor trying to sell this house.

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One Of These Windows Is Not Like The Other

It may not be the best Best Western, but it's the Okayest Western around. That window on the end? Oh, don't worry about that. It's supposed to be that way.

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Stairway To Heaven. Or, Wherever.

Something about this image makes us feel like we're trapped in a pen and ink sketch made by M.C. Escher. Art is weird.

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A Room With A View

Talk about a room with a view! Just be sure to have a train schedule handy so you know when it's safe to use your patio. (Which is never... it's never safe.)

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Spiralling Out Of Control

This is, without a doubt, the fanciest and most useless fire escape ever made. Maybe they should have just put up a fireman's pole and saved some money.

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Which Came First, The Pole or the Driveway?

Who put this pole in the middle of my driveway?!

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Playground of DOOM!

What do you mean this apartment building manager hates kids? He put up a playground for them and everything!

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This Slightly Obstructed View Knocks $5 Off Ticket Price!

Looks like somebody tried to save some money by getting their concert tickets with a "partially obstructed view." Curse you, Ticketmaster! Curse youuuuuuu!

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Over, Under, or Around?

You have your choice: step way up and over the V, or crouch down really small and wedge yourself under it. 

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Watch That First Step, It's A Doozy

Maybe they're planning to install some crazy slide system down to the parking lot. Wheeee!

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Double Door Dilemma

That's the manager's office. He's not known for being overly accessible to the other employees.

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Last One Down Is A Rotten Egg!

Who says you can't be a dare devil just because you're in a wheelchair? "Hold my beer and watch this!" 

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When Close Enough Is Enough... And When It Isn't

Just think, someone went to a lot of trouble to mess up this badly.

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You'll Even Get Your Own Balcony With This Apartment!

However in order to take your drink out on the balcony, you'll also have to take your life in your hands. There's always a catch.

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A Special Room Just For Your Chimney

Peekaboo, chimney! I see you.

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Handicapped Spaces? Who Needs 'Em? Oh... Turns Out Lots Of People Do


Technically your landlord satisfied the rules for the number of handicapped parking spots that are required by law. In other news, your landlord is a total jerk.

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Fire Is So Rare, Let's Not Worry About It Too Much

Via maelstrom/Imgur.

LOL, don't die, okay?  (I feel safer already!)

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Here's That Two-Car Garage You've Always Wanted

Via The Chive.

The good news is that your house is done. The bad news... you need to build some sort of bridge, or look into purchasing a hovercraft.

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Challenge Accepted!

Via outrage87/reddit.

Wow, thanks for that, guys. You've outdone yourself!

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