Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini Longboard / Skateboard Review

Arbor Pocket Rocket
Image courtesy of Amazon

The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini has all of the features of an Arbor longboard but is built to regular skateboard scale. The result is crazy little skate that rides super smooth, carves like no other, and makes hardly any sound while rolling along. Tricks on the Arbor Pocket Rocket are a little difficult but can be done. The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini board is a brilliant fusion between longboard and skateboard.


The Arbor Pocket Rocket's deck is 26" long. The tail has a high narrow kick, but the nose is flat. The board is made from seven-ply Canadian Hardrock Maple with a finish layer of Hawaiian Koa wood or Rosewood. The top of the deck is covered with clear re-grip that works fine but also lets you see the colors of the natural wood underneath. Koa has a huge diversity of colors and wood patterns - one of the most diverse woods on the planet.

The Arbor Pocket Rocket also features Randal 150 trucks with a 17-inch wheelbase. The trucks have a reverse kingpin and a unique angle. Compared to a regular skateboard, these trucks are bulky and heavy, but they work great for cutting sharp angles. They feel loose, comfortable and strong.

The wheels are custom Kryptonics Hawaii Ks made for Arbor - large, soft, with a sweet clear blue swirl inside that reminds me of water. Which, for a longboard, not only makes sense but is beautiful.

The bearings are plain ABEC 3s. Nothing special - in fact, if you are a die hard, you will likely want to change these out later. But, they work great right out of the box. It all depends on what you plan to do with your Arbor Pocket Rocket. Because, in truth, it can do almost anything!


I had a hard time trying to come up with words to paint well what riding the Arbor Pocket Rocket is like. It's not better than a regular skateboard, it's just different. The ride is smooth, almost stealthy. At night, skating across a parking lot, you feel like you're gliding. The trucks make sharp turns and carving feel natural and smooth.

On the other hand, the board is just plain small. It rides and feels like a longboard, but it's the size of a regular skateboard. This can take some getting used to, and I wouldn't plan on it replacing your skateboard.

The Arbor Pocket Rocket is fully able to perform tricks - they'll be harder than on a regular skateboard, but that's part of the fun. In testing, we managed boardslides, 50-50s, "slashes" (a trick name that was new to me - it looks like a weak crook across the coping, only half a second long) and even ollied off of a six-foot drop. That's when we ran into a little bit of a problem...


The deck is thicker and less flexible than a regular skateboard deck, and so with stressful tricks like the ones we were trying, you can crack the board. We did manage a small crack in one of our drops, but it hasn't affected the skateability of the Pocket Rocket. Still, it's something to be aware of. The Arbor Pocket Rocket, while it feels heavier and thicker than a regular skate deck, is also less flexible.

Another problem is extremely minor - the clear grip on the deck collects dirt and shoe scuff marks very well, and starts to look dingy. It's not hard to clean off, though, and the wood grain underneath helps hide stains.

The Bottom Line

The Arbor Pocket Rocket is a great little board. It fills the gap between skateboard and longboard perfectly, giving the benefits of each with only a few drawbacks. It doesn't replace either of them, however - it's something unique, all on its own. It's a fun ride, and I highly recommend it.

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