Aquarius Rising - Rising Signs

An artist's rendition of the Aquarius water symbol

  Dzhulbee/Getty Images 

Aquarius Rising guys and gals are striking in some way, and at odds with the normies. 

Rising Signs are your Selfie to the world, and how you burst first into new experiences. The Aquarius Selfie is often odd, but that's because they're unable to conform to the particular status quo. 

Your look is a visual shock to others. You defy trends, but paradoxically, start them, with your unusual aesthetic sense. You can be remote, emotionally distant and preoccupied. 

And yet, you're an air sign that is known for its friendliness, when you're in the mood to socialize. You're at home with a variety of opinions, ages, cultures, and races. 

Rising Signs are appearance, personality traits, vitality and how you greet the new day—or next big thing. 

Your Rising Sign is your personal new dawn. It's the Zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon when you emerged into the world (if your birth time is correct). 

The Aquarius first impression is one of being up for anything. And the Aquarius Rising friend wants to see your fringe-y personality traits. 


Aquarius is the ultimate freedom-lover, with a far-sighted vision. With Aquarius Rising, a person makes surprise moves and choices, often to the shock of others. 

The Aquarius Rising friend is easy to be with and yet can quickly transform into the loner. You resist conventional small talk and like to shock or stir up controversy in some way. You vanish from parties, instead of going through the motions of saying goodbye.

This Rising Sign is like having Uranus in the First House—any planet here is what dawns on others, and how you break into the new. You wake others up.

And you cheer others on to break with restrictive mores or mind control programming. You embody your authenticity in a way that's notable to others. You might be challenged to live your own truth, even when you're the only one.  

But Aquarius is a stubbornly fixed sign too, so you're prone to sudden reversals. You can be surprisingly wed to your opinion, and become the know-it-all. There might even be a smudge of intellectual superiority to your demeanor. A defense of Aquarius' dark side is being a secret control-freak. 

Live and Let Live 

You bust taboos and are ruthless with those that hold narrow views. You have a live and let live attitude. And yet, you can be stubborn in your opinion, and judge those that seem to you feeble minded. You can have a dismissive attitude toward small thinking, in general.

You have a detached outlook and often see things that others miss. Your chart is Uranian ruled, so you're a person that embodies surprises and sudden insight.

You flash on a new idea and enjoy pursuing a line of inquiry or artistic theme. You can be highly original in your self-expression, always remaining true to your vision. One thing about you is that you're the ideal collaborator—you take on the unique expression of a coterie of performers or colleagues. 

You keep a group from becoming stuck, by throwing your lightning bolts around. You might at times be destructive, as you go about busting up established set-ups. You might also be ejected from jobs unceremoniously, for being unable to walk the straight and narrow. 

But other times, you'll be just what everyone needs, to snap out of a limiting groove. 

There's the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well, Rising Signs are the cover to the rest of your energetic make-up. It's what others see first, and often, it's a lasting impression. 

Personality Traits: friendly, unpredictable, strange, cool, distant, intellectual, exciting.

Body and Style: futuristic tastes, glamour, eclectic, electric, nervous temperament.