Aquarius in Love - Zodiac Compatibility

Wintry Love / Credit: AleksandarNakic for Getty Images.

Aquarians scramble dating rules, and like to move about with their clique, with only rare moments of one-on-one time.  

The Waterbearer is friendly, and at home within a coterie of companions.  So a great way to catch their eye is to join team Aqua and be fabulous.  

Aquarius is the wild card of the Zodiac, and to be with them, you'll need to be okay with unpredictable behavior.  And yet, I hear tell they're loyal, being fixed signs, but that depends on timing and of course, the quality of the match.  

To comprehend where Aquarius is coming from, think on the air element, and in this case, with its head peaking out of this dimension into the next.  Aquarius is the sign of the higher mind, and that's why they do wacky things, as inspiration hits.  

True Diversity Lover 

One cool thing about Aquarius is that they aren't stuck in the mindset of the current milieu.  That makes them able to meet someone without rushing to size them up, based on divisive categories.  How many of them end up in unusual alliances, with folks of different ages or cultural roots?

But they're not doing it with some agenda -- it's part of their nature to meet beyond the social or biological garments we have on.  This makes them the rebel or outlaw, and that only proves to them, that they're doing what they came to do.

Aquarius is socially curious, and will want to collect data on you.  The Dark Side Aquarian takes this to the surveillance level, which is not hard these days with each person keeping their own dossier, on social media.  Today's tech gives Aqua the chance to observe you in real time, with your tweets, status updates and selfies.  

It's hard to tell if Aqua likes you or not, since they're not overly warm or physically affectionate.  But you have a chance, as long as you're in the Aqua club, to stand out from the crowd.

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Seeing into the Future 

Aquarians like other strange people, with striking looks, exceptional talents or "alien" cultural background.  More than other signs, the Waterbearer is all about the future.

They won't want to analyze the relationship or walk down memory lane.  The best match is someone who leans into the future, like they do, and doesn't hold on nostalgically to the past.  

Some Aquarians have a trickster side, and like for new friends to play games, to keep them guessing.  They might want you to wonder who they are, and this appeals to those that like the chase.  But it only stirs up insecurity in those that want clear signals, and not mixed messages.  

Aquarius is a sign of "genius," of the kind that comes from out of the blue.  They have their antennae tuned into pulses from who knows where, and are guided by them.  They have an eerie way of seeing into the future, and this helps them make choices for today.  

Aquarians on the street level are trendy, and ahead of their time in some way.  But what set them apart from their polarity Leo is that they don't need this kind of affirmation.  They especially don't like false flattery.  

It can be disorienting for those that really need stability, for love and trust to grow.  Aquarius has a need to go off by themselves, or get lost in what they're doing creatively.  They need to cast out into new terrain, and fully let go of the ground they're standing on, to be altered by what they discover.  

Aquarians are different.  They're somehow tuned in to the "electric universe."  Nikola Tesla (June 28th) wasn't an Aquarian, but is an honorary one with his statement, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

They are like lightning rods, and are easier to be around when they learn also to be grounded.  That's why it takes an exceptional mate to walk beside them in life and not completely freak out!