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Anthony Montgomery
Anthony Montgomery as Dr. Andre Maddox. IMDb

It's hard to know where to start with Anthony Montgomery, who plays psychiatrist Dr. Andre Maddox on General Hospital. He's the guy who sets Jordan Ashford's heart aflutter and is attempting to help Anna Devane through her difficulties.

We've all heard of triple threats. This man is a sextuple threat: actor, composer, singer, writer, producer, and stand-up comic.


The Indianapolis native was born June 2, 1971 and hails from a musical family. He is the grandson of jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. Originally, Wes Montgomery and his brothers, Monk and Buddy, performed as the Montgomery Brothers.  Later the guitarist toured with Lionel Hampton and later had his own band. He is considered a pioneer in jazz guitar and an emulated one.

Our Montgomery studied theater and drama at Ball State University and, as part of his foray into his professional career, performed stand-up comedy, something he also did while he was in Los Angeles.

In 1998, he settled in California, credited as A.T. Montgomery, doing small roles on TV (JAG, Stargate SG-1, Stark Raving Mad, Frasier, Movie Stars, Charmed, performing in two videos, ESP: Extra Sensory Perception, and appearing in and contributing music to Leprachaun: In the Hood

Taking Off

In 2000, he landed a semi-regular role as George Austin in the series Popular, and in 2001 he won the role of Travis Mayweather in Star Trek Enterprise, which he did until 2005.

Originally, the actor auditioned for a regular role on Star Trek: Voyager. The role went to someone else, but he was brought back to audition for a role in one of the episodes. Alas, he was not hired.

As it worked out, this was all for the best. The casting people were impressed with him, so they asked him to audition for a lead on Star Trek Enterprise, and he was cast. 

During this time, he also produced a play, Dutchman, for the stage. He has additionally performed in productions of WorkingOliverOthello, and Much Ado About Nothing in theater.

After Enterprise, he appeared in episodes of several series and was a semi-regular on the show Single Ladies. Films include I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (2007), Why Am I Doing This? (2009), and an independent film he produced and starred in, Chariot, a thriller about amnesiacs who wake up on an airliner during a flight.

Another film, from 2015, The Man in 3B, had a big city theatrical run and is based on a novel by Carl Weber. The film sported a fine cast: Besides Montgomery, Lamman Rucker, Brely Evans, Billy Dee Williams, Jackee Harry, D. B. Woodside, Robert Ri'chard, and Christian Keyes. 

Three films he has completed are in pre-production: Unbelievable, Without Ward, and The Preacher's Son

General Hospital

General Hospital beckoned in 2015 for his current role of Andre, but Montgomery appeared on the soap as Aaron in 2011 for two episodes. Obviously, when this man auditions, he makes a strong impression!

SInging and Composing

Montgomery is a prolific musician, and has done a CD of his music, What You Know About..., which contains songs about Star Trek themes. He also has a hip-hop album A.T., produced by AGR Television Records.

Montgomery produced a CD of his own music, What You Know About..., featuring four songs about Star Trek themes. He has a music video, Stimulation, and a CD release of the eponymous song.


As an author, Montgomery created a graphic novel with cowriter Brandon Easton called Miles Away in 2013. The story concerns a teenager, Maxwell MIles, who has special needs and develops superhuman ability.

The novel has been well received and was nominated for two Glyph awards in 2014, one for Best Writer and one for Best Male Character, Maxwell MIles. Hopefully, this is the first of a series of graphic novels.

Free Time (!)

When he's not acting, writing, or composing, Montgomery attends Star Trek and comic conventions, where he signs his novel.  An avid martial arts practitioner, he also studies Hapkido and Koga Ryu Ninjutsu

It is amazing that there are people who can focus on so many areas at once and continually create good work. Anthony Montgomery is one of these people, and we are fortunate to have him as on General Hospital