Animal Ghosts

True experiences of ghosts of pets and other animals

Can animals be ghosts in the same way that people are? The answer is yes, as you'll see in these stories.

Amazing Cat Returns

This cat owner believes that even after death her beloved cat still does things for her.

Amazing Cat Returns - 2

This is a story about one amazing cat, who continues to be amazing even after he's passed on.

An Animal Ghost?

On a fishing trip

, several people feel the presence of a phantom animal touching them.

Animal Spirits

Aside from other paranormal activity, Stuart feels phantom animals pawing him at night.

Appearing Cat

There's a cat running around, but it's not hers -- and maybe not alive.

Back from the Beyond

Tracy sees evidence that her beloved Sheltie, Mitzi, is still hanging around.

Bailey Returns

The ghost of a beautiful 4-year-old tan, gentle, loving Persain cat.

Biscuit, the Ghost Cat

Cat does not appear in photos.

Black Ghost Cat

After a home renovation, a shadow-like cat appears.

Cat from the Future

A phantom cat appears, disappears, then appears for real many years later.

Chia's Ghost

Little Chia still zips around the house, scooting under the beds.

Church-Yard Glower

Whatever it was, it scurried around like a little, glowing ghost mouse.

Cindy, the Ghost Dog

A neighbor's dog continues to visit after death.

Corkey's Ghost

This reader still sees Corky in the yard, even though Corky has passed on.

Crazy Red: Chicken Ghost

A feisty chicken is still running around the farm, even after death.

Creature from Under the Sink

Abby returns to make a racket under the sink.

Did the Dogs Know?

Dog Mystery

What was it that barked and chased after the pigeons?

Family Cat's Ghost

While saying a prayer at their cat's grave site, they hear something....

German Sherpard Ghost

It was dead for four years, but still came back to jump on the bed.

Ghost Cat

Cat name Cheddar returns on Halloween night.

Ghost Cats

Mysterious meowing convinces this family they have ghost cats.

Ghost Dog and the Hyena

Tam's dog, which had died, comes to her rescue to battle a rabid hyena.

Ghost Goat

João has a very strange sighting: a phantom goat wearing a yellow scarf.

Ghost of a Dog

Jennie wakes up to see a large black dog at the foot of her bed.

Ghost Terrier

An upstate New York woman knows she can still hear her beloved terrier walking around and scratching.

Ghost Tiger

The author sees what can only be described as the ghost of a tiger walking toward the house.

Growling Ghost Dog

A guy in Kentucky is confronted by a dog that is nor really there.

Hamster's Ghost

A pet hamster dies, but it still seems to be walking on the bed.

Hero Dog's Ghost

A mysterious dog leads to a man who has had a bad auto accident.

House Grim

Phantom black dog saves a woman from attack.

Kramer, the Couch Hog

This greyhound was always taking up room on the couch -- and still does after death.

The Loyal Dog

A ghostly dog appears again and again near a gate.

Mystery Cat of Susquehanna County

A family sees a mysterious, large black cat in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Oscar's Tapping Ghost

Oscar was a black Cocker-spaniel and lab mix. Oscar died. Then we heard a short but distinct set of clicks coming from the tile-floored room where we'd left Oscar's body.

Phantom Black Dog

Charley awakes to find a dog in his bed, but it doesn't seem to be his.

Phantom Cat

Mr. White, the cat, died from kidney failure, but still shows up on occassion.

Phantom Cat

Phantom Dog

The previous house owner's dog can still be heard in the house.

Phantom Monkey Creature

The ghost of a strange spider monkey-like entity scares this woman.

Saved by a Ghost Dog

A Great Dane saves a girl from drowning. They say he was a ghost.

Shadow Bird

What did Nina see at her feet? A shadow creature? A bird's ghost?

Shadow Man and Dog

Kristyn sees a shadow man and dog come through her bedroom door.

Shadow Squirrel Guardian

Ten-year-old Tony tries to shoot a squirrel with his BB gun, but isn't prepared for the consequences.

Skinless Cat Entity

"This thing looked like a cat with no skin or ears, a really long tail and its eyes were glowing."

Snowy Says Goodbye

A week after her beloved cat Snowy dies, Diane continues to feel his presence.

Sparky is Still With Me

The first week after her dog died, Carroll could hear him scratching at her bedroom door.

Tiger's Ghost

The ghost of a dog comes in at night and breathes on this guy's neck.

Vanishing Cat 2

After a cat is hit by a car and killed and then buried, it returns to say goodbye.

Vanishing Cat

A cat steals a chicken bone and seemingly vanishes into thin air.

Was It My Dog's Ghost?

Pete wants to know if strange activity is because of his dead dog.

White Cat's Ghost

A singer sees a beautiful cat in a friend's house, but he claims not to have one.

White Cat

The appearance of a phantom white cat may have foretold of another event.

White Ghost Dog

The ghost of a big dog lies on one of the beds upstairs.

Ghost Squirrel Haunts Cabin

 Sylvia and her grandchildren encounter a phantom rodent.

Ghost Dog Returns to Bed

William can feel the ghost of his beloved dog jump onto the bed to sleep.

Ghost Dogs Always Around

Jan is never alone because there are always ghost dogs hanging around.

Cat Communicates with Dead Sister

When Iva's cat begins to act strangely, she believes it is communing with the dead.

Ichabod's Visit Home

Ichabod the cat returns home from Cat Heaven.

Signs of Wiley's Spirit

After the death of a beloved pet, there are signs he's ok.

Pets Return After Death

Elizabeth has several experiences with pets that have passed.

Night of the Hell Hounds

Denis awakes to several terrifying phantom dogs in his bedroom.

The Black Ghost Dog

The Black Ghost Dog: It began to appear after the old backyard was dug up.

Ghost Around the Dog House

Your True Tales of Ghost Around the Dog House - January 2014

Haunted by Ghost Dogs

"At first it scared the hell out of me, but now I call her when I don't feel her and she jumps on the bed next to me." 

Telekinetic Cat

"Was a ghost playing with my cat? Or does the cat have telekinetic powers?"

Jesse's Ball of Energy

Two nights later, after crying for most of that time, I was cried out but very sad. I was outside late at night when an orb appeared. It was a couple of feet off the ground.

House Grim

"Thinking somebody was sleeping outside our front door, I raced upstairs again an went onto the balcony and there was this huge unusually big black dog lying on the mat."

Pixie's Comforting Ghost

"Shortly after she died, I felt her jump onto my bed and lay where she always laid." 

Little Bird Mystery

"What's strange is that my grandparents used to tell us that birds will come and try to get in your house to tell you that someone in the family had died."

Ghost Cats Hang Around

"A few nights a week I'll be awakened by what feels like her walking around my feet and legs as she used to do."

Haunted School

"While we watched, an orb floated out of the wall, glowing green. The dog followed it, barking constantly."

Bird out of Hell

"We were just talking when I noticed this black crow, medium size, coming at me. I thought the bird was going to do a U-turn, but that thing came straight for my face!"

Daughter's Wraith and Ghost Cats

"About a year ago, one of the cats was sitting on the back of the couch behind by husband, kneading his shoulders. He reached back to pet it... no cat! He has been talking about 'ghost cat' for a while now."

Adopted By a Ghost Cat

"I was going into the dining room when again I thought I saw a cat jump off a chair and hide under the table. I asked my mom, 'Are you sure you don't have a cat?'"