Aneros Prostate Massager


When I first came across the Aneros I felt that it was a bit of a scam. Essentially a small piece of plastic with a very high price tag. But after checking it out, and speaking to hundreds of guys who have used it I'm singing its praises.

The Aneros isn't for everyone, it's designed specifically for prostate stimulation, and the stimulation it provides is intense. For a lot of people who like it, they may still not use it all the time (think of it as a special occasion sex toy).

But what makes it worth the money is that the design delivers on the promise. It makes prostate stimulation very easy, and it fits like a glove.

And the design doesn't end with the insertable part of the toy. I love the handle. For one thing, it makes it very easy to use the toy once inserted. While the Aneros site talks about not holding the handle at all, I love the subtle movements it allows. The handle also can provide stimulation of the perineum. The stimulation is limited by the thinness of the handle itself, but it's clear that the designers thought of this and set out to make it happen.

While I'm still hesitant to recommend it for everyone because the price is out of reach for some people, if you're interested in prostate stimulation, and the Aneros is in your budget, I would highly recommend it.


  • Design is specifically for prostate stimulation
  • Material is smooth and seamless
  • Easy to Clean
  • Several styles to suit different tastes


  • Stimulation can be too intense for some
  • Men with enlarged prostates will likely find this product uncomfortable and/or painful
  • Product is relatively expensive.


  • Made of a firm hard plastic material
  • Smooth and seamless, and designed specifically for prostate stimulation
  • The grooves are made to press against the prostate, no other toy has this same precise design
  • The curled handle can also stimulate the perineum
  • The handle also allows for subtle changes in pressure and motion against the prostate
  • Available in five styles

The Bottom Line

Good quality, well designed toys for men are rare in the sex toy industry. Aneros stands out as something that is simple, but works incredibly well.