Myths About Anal Sex Explained

Clearing Up Misconceptions About This Common Sex Practice

Gay Couple Cuddling in Apartment Kitchen
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Anal sex. is probably one of the more stigmatized sex acts.   As a result there are a lot of myths about this perfectly normal behavior. The decision to have anal sex is a personal one and it is not a sex practice that will appeal to everyone. That is true if you are a gay man, a lesbian woman, or a straight couple.  But if people do decide to have anal sex, being informed can help the experience be a safer and more enjoyable one for everyone.


Here are five:

1. Myth. Only gay men have anal sex.

Fact. Anyone with an anus can enjoy anal sex, whether they are gay or straight. Anyone with an anus, male or female, straight or gay, can have anal sex and plenty of people with anuses choose not to have anal sex.

2. Myth. All gay men have anal sex.

Fact. Nope! While a lot of gay men enjoy anal sex, plenty of gay men just aren't into it. There are many ways that gay men are sexual and some gay men are celibate and don't have sex at all. The association of anal sex with gay men has been long standing, but it sure isn't a universal experience. 

3. Myth. Anal sex hurts.

Fact. Not if you do it right. Sure any sex act can hurt or be uncomfortable if you don't use lube, go to fast and push your body to do things it isn't ready for. But anal, like anything else, can be be very pleasurable and pain free.

4. Myth. Anal sex is messy.

Fact. In general, sex isn't a tidy package, but anal sex gets a particularly bad rap.

If you are worried about mess, here are some good rules of thumb for anal: don't do it if you feel like you have to go to the bathroom, make sure to practice basic hygiene and maintain a fiber rich diet to keep your insides working well.

5. Myth. Anal sex will give you HIV.

Fact. A person can only get HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, if a partner has it.

In that case, unprotected anal sex can definitely transmit the virus. However, using a condom is an excellent way to protect yourself from HIV and other STDs during anal sex.

6. Myth. If a guy has anal sex with his girlfriend he is secretly gay.

What makes a person gay is wanting to have romantic and sexual relationships with other guys, not wanting to engage in a particular kind of sex with someone of the opposite sex. So nope, if a guy and a girl has anal sex, whether he is the active or receptive partner, does not mean he is actually gay. It just mens he is having anal sex. Anal sex is often associated with gay men, but remember, everyone, gay or straight, male or female has an anus!

Anal sex is perfectly normal.  But that can be hard to remember since there are so many negative associations with this sex practice. Some of these have to do with homophobia and the association of anal sex with gay men. Some have to do with our culture's discomfort with the anus. Some have to do with the assumption that anal sex hurts.