Anal Sex Lubricant

What’s a Good Lubricant for Anal Sex?

When it comes to anal sex, lubricant isn't just recommended, it's required.  A good lubricant makes anal play more comfortable, safer (because it reduces the risk of abrasions), and more pleasurable.  

What makes a lubricant good for anal sex is it's consistency and durability.  You want something that is thick, since anal play usually starts slow and you don't want a lube that will just slip off the body part or toy you are using.  As far as durability, because anal play is often slower and longer, and because the rectum doesn't  lubricate like the vagina, you want a lube that won't dry up quickly. 

This is why in the old days oil based lubricants were usually used for anal play.  But oil based products will destroy condoms, and are no longer recommended.  Silicone lubricants last longer but also tend to be so thin and slippery that that aren't ideal for anal play.  The lubricants below are all recommended.

Buyer Beware:
Be wary of lubricants that are marketed specifically for anal use with the word anal in the product name (like "analeze").  These lubricants have desensitizing ingredients which are topical anesthetics that provide a mild numbing and can mask pain or discomfort.  

Here's the thing about that:  if something is hurting then you probably need to stop doing it, or do it in a different way.  Numbing the pain (through a desensitizing ingredient or drugs or alcohol) probably makes the sex you are having riskier.  Anal sex doesn't need to hurt. Ever.  Violet Blue has an excellent (and regularly updated) article about unsafe ingredients to avoid

Almost identical in ingredients to the original Astroglide, Astroglide Gel was made specifically for people wanting a thicker lube and for kinds of sex play that require a lubricant that will stay where you put it. Water based and condom compatible, Astroglide Gel is only available in one size and has a flip top. Astroglide Gel contains both glycerin and parabens.

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Probe Personal Lubricant
Davyran Labs
Probe has a loyal following and is one of the most uniquely textured water-based lubricants on the market. It is thick but has a stringy consistency, almost like saliva. This makes Probe a bit messier than other lubes but those who love it don’t mind this, and say they prefer it. Probe contains glycerin but is paraben-free and uses grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. More »
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maximus personal lubricant
Early to Bed
Made in the UK, Maximus is the thickest water-based lubricant on the market. It's is great for anal sex as it won’t easily slide off toys or gloved fingers, and for a water-based lubricant it lasts a long time. Maximus is also good for other kinds of sex play. The main drawback to Maximus is it’s bitter taste. Available in a convenient pump bottle. Maximus is glycerin free, but does contain parabens. More »
Image of Slippery Stuff lubricant
Good Vibrations

 The story behind this company is that they originally made a product designed for getting wet suits on and off.  It didn't take long for their loyal surfer customers to realize there was more than one use for Slippery Stuff.  The thick gel consistency stays in place, making it ideal for anal play, and it's glycerin-free. More »

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Mixing Silicone and Water-Based Lubricants

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In many ways, silicone-based lubricants are idea for anal sex as they last much longer than water based lubes, but are condom compatible (unlike oil-based products). The only drawback to silicone lubricants is that they tend to be very thin, making them less convenient for slower sex play like anal sex.

If you don’t want to use oil-based lubricants one trick is to buy a water-based lubricant and add some silicone lubricant to it. You have to experiment with the proportions (I suggest starting at about 4 to 1 and working up) but when you find the sweet spot you end up with a thick lubricant that lasts a long time. Remember not to use your hybrid lube on silicone toys as it may destroy them.