Product Review: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and Filter

Does it Hold Up or is it All Hype?

Bottles of Amsoils


There’s a lot of talk when it comes to which motor oil to use in your Mustang. Some folks swear by their favorite brand. Others say there isn’t much of a difference between which oil you use as long as you change it on a regular basis. No doubt, there are many different schools of thought.


We’ve found that regular oil and filter changes can go a long way to maximizing the life of your pony car. In fact, We're those guys who actually looks forward to completing our next oil change. Sure, we could let the guys down at the local grease shop do it for us, but we prefer to change my oil ourselves. That said, someone approached us recently asking if we would be willing to try AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil for 3,000 miles. We’d heard various things about this brand of oil and decided to give it a shot.

AMSOIL is the maker of numerous synthetic lubricants. For this oil change, we used their Signature Series 0W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil along with an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter. The test vehicle was a 2008 Ford Mustang. According to the company, its oil is designed for extended drain intervals. The company says, “Its unique synthetic formulation and long drain additive system resist oxidation and neutralize the acids that shorten the service life of other oils.” The motor oil is also said to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce wear by using a specialized anti-wear ingredient. As for the AMSOIL filter, it is said to last up to 25,000 miles or one year, although we’d recommend everyone out there change their filter every time they change their oil.

On The Road

After putting the motor oil and filter in our Stang, we began logging our mileage. We did this each day as we drove our normal route to and from work for the three-month duration. On average, we get approximately 21 mpg average on this 26-mile route which includes both freeway and surface street driving. Our goal here was to see if the motor oil really does provide better mileage. When the review period was over we netted out at 22.8 mpg, which was a slight increase over my usual mileage. Word to the wise; this could be for a variety of reasons, not necessarily the oil. There are probably a million different things that can impact vehicle mileage. That said, we did see an increase in mileage when using this oil.

Upon visual inspection of the used oil, we noticed the usual discoloration with no gunk or sludge build up. Definitely a good thing. As for the filter, it appeared to be in pretty good condition, although, out of habit, we wouldn’t leave it in for more than one oil change.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and Filter: The Final Take

Overall, we were satisfied with this motor oil. At $10.50 a quart, it is a few dollars more expensive than what we usually pay, but it did its job of protecting the engine. In the grand scheme of things, nothing about this motor oil made us think, “It’s so much better than that other brand!” On the other hand, nothing made us think it’s less effective than the other brands out there either. A lot of this will come down to personal choice. As for the increase in gas mileage, we’ll let you be the judge. As we all know, there are many factors which can impact fuel economy.

As for the filter, it is quite a bit more expensive than most brands and will set you back about $16.00. Our recommendation would be to try the oil if you’re interested but skip on the filter. This is based on our motto of changing the oil filter every time you change your oil, and believe us when we say we wouldn’t wait for 25,000 miles to change the oil in our Mustang. That said, other than being expensive, the filter did its job.