How to Find and Apply For Amazon Jobs

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Amazon is an enormous company, with a workforce of 1 million, and offices and warehouses worldwide. There is no shortage of jobs available at the web giant. In fact, Amazon expanded its workforce in 2020.

Amazon Company Overview 

Amazon is the leader in e-commerce, worldwide. It offers thousands of products from top retailers to customers in most modern countries. It has revolutionized e-shopping through innovations like 1-click shopping, free shipping, and wish lists.

Customer service is the driving force behind Amazon’s success. The company strives to make fulfilling customer orders faster, smarter, and more cost-effective. It spends a lot of time analyzing consumer needs and finding innovative ways to fulfill them.

The company has grown to encompass subsidiaries in industries ranging from entertainment to publishing, to retail sales of just about any product you can imagine.

Amazon's Company Philosophy

Amazon is a company that prides itself on diversity and customer service, and believes that embracing all cultural, professional, and life perspectives promotes an environment of tolerance and inclusion.

Amazon recruits employees who will embrace its customer-focused philosophy. Candidates who are innovative and can help improve the customer service experience are attractive to Amazon.

Amazon Job and Career Opportunities

The company has job opportunities at locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and across the Americas, as well as remote positions. If you're interested in working for this e-commerce giant—which also offers streaming media and cloud computing—there are many opportunities available. 

Different Types of Jobs at Amazon

Browsing job categories such as administrative support, business and merchant development, database administration, editorial, writing and content management, hardware development, investigation and loss prevention, and legal can give you ideas about where your talents might best be put to use.

Broad searches by either tech or non-tech jobs are available as well, and you can even search for work-at-home jobs.

Departments and Locations That May Be Hiring

You can browse jobs at Amazon in three ways: 

  • LocationThis includes North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. (Within these large areas, you can browse by city.) 
  • Team: You can also search by team (think of this as company departments). Teams include everything from advertising to research science to warehousing. 
  • Categories: Or, you can search by job category, such as administrative, customer support, research scientist, etc. 

There is also an option to search by job title or keyword, along with location. 

Remote and Flex Jobs

Amazon has a variety of virtual jobs that can be worked from home. 

There's a separate section of the website where job seekers can search specifically for virtual job opportunities.

Positions available to work remotely depend on where you live and the type of job you're interested in. You can sort options by seasonal, full-time, and part-time roles. 

As well as virtual jobs, Amazon also hires drivers through delivery service partners—these are full-time roles, where drivers deliver packages to homes and retail businesses. Hourly rates vary, and jobs are available in cities across the United States. 

Through the Amazon Flex program, you can also search for local delivery opportunities through the app (think Uber for deliveries.) To start the application process, visit the Amazon Flex website. You'll then be prompted to download the Amazon Flex Jobs app to your phone to apply. 

The Amazon Hiring Process

Amazon has a completely online application process

To begin, you will create a "Jobs" account, separate from your customer account, and enter your resume. If you don't have a resume, be sure to fill in a brief description of your background, experience (with dates of employment), educational achievements, and skills.

Amazon doesn't accept cover letters.

When you apply, you will be prompted to give your personal information and answer a job questionnaire. If you are a match for a position, you will be notified to set up an interview with the hiring manager and several colleagues.

What to Wear to an Interview

Business casual is appropriate for an interview at Amazon. It promotes a comfortable, casual work environment.

Many hiring managers rely on behavioral interviewing techniques, so be prepared to provide examples of superior customer service, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Before you interview, review Amazon's helpful information on assessments, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and the interview process.

Employee and Family Benefits

The benefits at Amazon for full-time employees are generous and include, but are not limited to, medical and prescription drug coverage for employees, eligible family members and domestic partners; dental, vision, life and accident coverage; and short and long-term disability insurance.

Amazon matches 401K contributions, offers employee discounts, and restricted stock units. Adoption assistance and parental leave are generous and flexible to accommodate the personal needs of the employee and their family. Child and older person support assistance are also available.