Amanda Capritto


  • Certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • CrossFit coach and group exercise trainer


Amanda is a content writer and journalist with extensive experience in the health, fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition niches. Her work has appeared in national and global digital publications, including Health magazine (Meredith Corporation), CNET (Red Ventures, formerly ViacomCBS), LIVESTRONG (Leaf Group), Verywell Fit and The Balance (DotDash), SlickDeals (Goldman Sachs/Hearst), Health Journal, THE WELL, and more.

She's also been featured as an expert on Reebok's fitness blog, Byrdie and other wellness publications.

In addition to her public-facing content and journalism work, Amanda works with small businesses and agencies across the U.S. to craft marketing copy in a variety of modalities, including blog posts, website copy, and slide deck copy, as well as white papers, testimonials and fact sheets.

A certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise), certified health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), and CrossFit-L1 trainer (CrossFit, Inc), Amanda makes it a point every day to write content that is clear, accurate, and — most of all — helpful.


  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Arts in journalism, Louisiana State University
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise

A Message from Amanda Capritto

After a long battle with disordered eating and compulsive exercise, I realized that the minutia isn't worth it—humans were meant to move and to eat, and you should find ways of doing both that fill you with joy! You should pursue good health, but also pursue happiness and freedom from food constraints.

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