AlmostGolf Balls Review

AlmostGolf Balls
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AlmostGolf Balls are a great innovation that should allow golfers many more opportunities to practice (and in spaces that they ordinarily would not be able to use for practice).


  • Distance and composition make it useful in tighter spaces than a real golf ball.
  • Features dimples and characteristics that help it mimic the flight of real golf balls.
  • Much more useful than the wiffle ball.


  • Performance falls off with repeated use (just like a real golf ball).


  • Practice balls made with "cross-linked foaming" that decompresses on impact, then re-forms.
  • Heavier than a wiffle ball, but much lighter than a real golf ball.
  • Travels much farther than a wiffle ball, but about one-third the distance of real golf balls.
  • Much softer than real golf balls, making it safe for use in more locations (e.g., around buildings).
  • Balls are dimpled and can be worked for shot-shaping - draws, fades, etc.
  • Designed to mimic the spin, trajectory and other flight characteristics of real golf balls.

Guide Review - AlmostGolf Balls

AlmostGolf Balls are an interesting product, and AlmostGolf is a company that bears watching. The company is not just trying to sell a product, but also is attempting to create a whole new type of golf game.

The "Unprofessional AlmostGolfers Tour" is an attempt to take the marketing of the AlmostGolf Ball to the streets. Literally. Because the AlmostGolf Ball is soft enough to be safe for use around buildings, the company is challenging users to create their own "AlmostGolf Courses" that play in and around the buildings on, for example, college campuses and corporate parks.

The company hopes to see tournaments being played on college and corporate campuses very soon.

It's also marketing the product to junior golf programs.

And what about that product? The AlmostGolf Ball is a regulation sized ball, but made from "cross-linked foaming" to give it a much softer feel. It's not pillow-soft, but soft compared to real golf balls.

AlmostGolf Balls feature dimples that impart true golf ball flight characteristics. You can draw or fade the ball, for example. The balls weigh in at 13.5 grams. That's compared to 2 grams for a wiffle ball and 46 grams for the typical real golf ball.

What about distance? AlmostGolf Balls go about 100 yards with a driver for someone who hits a real golf ball about 250 yards.

The reduced distances and softer ball mean that AlmostGolf Balls can be used in might tighter spaces than real golf balls, opening up new possibilities for practice.