Mahjong as a Gambler's Game

Mahjong gambling
Getty Images/Allister Chiong's Photography

Some people play mahjong for fun while others up the ante by turning mahjong into a gambler's game. Money is bet at the beginning of each round. There are 16 rounds in a full game of mahjong. The amount of money can be the same for each round or can vary. The amount of money is determined by the player before game play.

When playing for money, who pays depends on the ending of the game. If the winner draws the winning tile himself from the wall, then everyone must pay the winner. If the winner takes the winning tile from within the walls, the player who discarded it pays the winner.

If a player makes a mistake in grabbing his tiles at the beginning of game play, for example, he takes less than 16 tiles or more than 16 tiles, the player is called 相公 ( xiànggong, messire or husband). This mistake should be avoided because this player will not be able to win the game because he has violated the rules. The player must continue to play the game, but he cannot win. If another player wins the game, the 相公 must pay extra money.

It is possible that all the wall tiles will be drawn and no winner is declared. When this happens, no one gets money.

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