All About Harnesses

What Lesbians Need to Know about Harnesses for Strap-On Sex

Jockstrap Style Harness
Jockstrap Style Harness. © Babeland

Strap-on sex is sex with a dildo in a harness. Purchasing the right dildo is only half of the task, you also want to get a harness that fits you well, works well with your body and that you feel sexy in. There are many varieties of harnesses, some which go around your waist and others that attach to other parts of your body. Here we run down the different types of strap-on harnesses for lesbian sex.

One of the benefits of using a dildo with a waist or thigh harness is that it leaves your hands free to touch other parts of her body and to stabilize yourself, if you need it. Proper fit is important for control. A harness that is too loose will be unsatisfactory to both the wearer and her sex partner. When looking to buy a harness, make sure that it is one you can tighten securely with buckles or Velcro. While some people have success with harnesses with “D” rings, others have problems with them slipping and not staying snug. The more a harness feels like a part of your body, the more you will enjoy it.

Different types of harnesses

There are several different harness types.

Thong style harnesses (buy direct) have two straps. One goes around the waist, the other runs from pubic area to the buttocks, much like thong underwear. The dildo attaches in the front, usually by an “O” Ring. Some people swear by thong harnesses because of the control they feel with one, but others don’t like the feel of material or leather running up their butt.

Jockstrap (buy direct) type harnesses have a strap that wraps around the waist and loops for the legs, much like an athletic jockstrap. With these types of harnesses, you can cinch up both the legs and the waist for a snug fit.

Thigh harnesses. Instead of wearing a harness around your midsection, a thigh harness (buy direct) allows you to wear a dildo on your thigh.

Some women feel like they have more control with their thigh than with their hips. Also, it’s possible if each partner wears a thigh harness to penetrate each other simultaneously.

Biker short Harnesses. Slip these on like a pair of bike shorts and you’re ready to go. No buckles or straps to mess with. Of course, because they’re made of spandex, they will stretch out over time and can get warm.

Underwear harnesses. One of the newest types of harnesses on the market, these look just like a pair of undies, except for the o-ring where the dildo will fit in. With less material than the biker short type, more of your skin is exposed for skin-to-skin contact. They're very comfortable and good to wear for packing or just under your clothes. Because they're made of material, expect them to stretch out after repeated uses. Check out the Rodeoh harness (buy direct) as an example.

Hand harness. Spare parts make a harness called La Palma, which is worn like a glove and a dildo fits inside it. This hand harness will give you a little more control than hand-holding a dildo and it’s kind of sexy looking.

The thing to look for when purchasing a harness is material, aesthetic and functionality. You may like the smell and feel of a leather harness, but a fabric one may be easier to clean.

You also need to note the size of the O-ring and if it will accommodate the dildo you plan on using. Some harnesses are able toe swap out different size O-rings.