Air Force Technical School Physical Restrictions

Female Airforce Soldier Stretching on Field
Sean Murphy / Getty Images

Airmen in all phases of Air Force technical training must complete 3 days of Physical Readiness Training (PRT) per week unless specifically excused by an MTL for a valid appointment. (EXCEPTION: Airmen in Phase III who have achieved a 90 percent or higher Air Force fitness composite score may be exempt from one PRT session per week as determined, in writing, by the training/operations group commander.) At a minimum, PRT sessions will consist of pre-exercise limbering, pushups, situps, a 30-minute aerobic run, and post-exercise stretches. One PRT session may be the fitness evaluation for phase progression.

Airmen attending the pararescue, combat control, tactical air control party, and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) courses will adhere to their specific course PRT requirements.

Physical Requirements

To progress beyond Phase II, Airmen must pass a timed 1.5-mile run and 1 minute each of crunches and pushups. The established phase progression standard for the timed 1.5-mile run is 11:45 minutes for males and 13:45 minutes for females; the 1-minute pushup standard is 45 for males and 27 for females, and the 1-minute crunch standard is 45 for males and females. Airmen on a medical waiver or physical profile who are unable to meet established PRT requirements will remain in their current phase and will not progress until requirements can be met. EXCEPTION: Training/operations group commanders may grant exemptions on a case-by-case basis when an Airman has an extended profile/waiver (90 days or longer).

To remain in Phase III, Airmen must pass the monthly timed 1.5-mile run and established crunch and push up standards as described above. Airmen not meeting the established standards will be required to retest within 1 week. (All portions will be reaccomplished.) If the established standards are still not met after the retest, Airmen will be placed in Phase II until they meet the established standard. Upon meeting the standard, Airmen will be returned to their previous phase.

Fitness Assessment

Prior to departing technical training for their permanent duty station, Airmen are required to receive an Air Force fitness assessment composite score of greater than or equal to 75 points. Airmen not meeting the required composite score after graduation will be placed in "delayed" status, after graduation, and entered into a supervised fitness improvement program (5 days per week) that is individualized for the failed components. Airmen may take a retest once a day until they meet the standards.

Physical Readiness Training Attire

PRT attire will be USAF PRT attire (blue shorts/gray shirt). PRT attire will include white socks, running shoes, and appropriate undergarments. The flight chief or higher may approve headgear and gloves during cold weather.

  • Airmen may wear complete PRT attire only 30 minutes prior to and 60 minutes after PRT.
  • In special cases, the flight chiefs or higher may approve wear of PRT attire in other events.
  • PRT attire worn to base facilities will be clean, dry, and serviceable.
  • Female Airmen will secure hair at the nape of the neck (up or down) with plain pins, combs, rubber bands, or barrettes similar in color to their hair.
  • Male Airmen will be clean shaven.