How to Find an Air Force Aircrew Job Fit for You

Three engineers looking at the inside of an airplane
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Air Force aircrew careers include preparing aircraft for flight, from equipping them with supplies, making sure everything is in working order, and performing various tasks such as collecting intelligence and conducting special missions. Within that is a multitude of options that can fit a wide range of personalities, backgrounds, and interests.

Air Force Aircrew Tasks

Here are just some of the tasks that need to get done on an Air Force aircrew:

  • Program formulating
  • Policy planning
  • Inspecting
  • Training
  • Directing
  • Performing combat and operations pertinent to enlisted primary aircrew activities
  • Supervising and performing primary aircrew duties
  • Performing aircraft flight engineer activities and loading
  • Restraining and off-loading cargo on military aircraft
  • Conduct airdrops of cargo and personnel
  • Perform airborne communications systems operations activities, and performing aircrew duties associated with operating airborne command and control systems equipment. 

Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) for Aircrew Operations Career Field

In-Flight Refueling Specialist 1A0X1

An In-Flight Refueling Specialist conducts in-flight refueling aircrew duties and checks forms for equipment status. They perform visual and operational checks of air refueling and associated systems and equipment. And, they do the preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections.

Flight Engineer 1A1X1

The duties of this Air Force job include performing aircraft inspections including aircrew visual inspection, non-scheduled aircraft maintenance and preflight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections of aircraft when they're away from their home stations.

Aircraft Loadmaster 1A2X1

Airmen in this Aircraft Loadmaster job load and offload equipment on aircraft, and keep track of weight and balance of passengers, troops, cargo, mail, and baggage during flight. They also conduct cargo and personnel airdrops.

Airborne Mission Systems 1A3X1

This job is responsible for aircrew duties, which includes operating, testing and maintaining airborne communications and electronics systems. In addition to preflight, in-flight and post-flight duties, these airmen supervise and instruct personnel, and supervise aircrew training. 

Flight Attendant 1A6X1

Air Force Flight Attendants have many duties similar to their civilian counterparts, but it's not an entry-level job. They're responsible for passenger safety, managing the cabin and assisting the flight crew.

Airborne Cryptologic Linguist 1A8X1

Airmen in this job are responsible for translating intelligence communications or data received or intercepted while in the air. Airborne cryptologic language analysts, who generally are fluent in a foreign language, are a key part of protecting Air Force personnel while in flight. 

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operator 1A8X2

These airmen fly as primary aircrew aboard a wide variety of aircraft and manage airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data, including warning of imminent threats.

Special Missions Aviation 1A9X1

This job is responsible for inspecting, operating and securing armament systems. They perform aircrew functions under training, combat or testing conditions. They also instruct unit gunners dealing with airborne weapons.