Air Force Enlisted Jobs: Personnel Specialist

The HR managers of the Air Force

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A personnel specialist in the Air Force is like the human resources manager at a civilian company. They counsel airmen on their career goals, advising on things like promotions, training programs, and job specialties.

Personnel specialists are also tasked with managing the Air Force's retention programs and advising airmen on benefits programs. They're responsible for making sure the Air Force is in compliance with personnel policies, directives, and procedures. In short, if a matter seems like a human resources function within the Air Force, chances are it falls under the duties of the personnel specialist.

Unique Military Duties

Although the duties are similar to those of a civilian HR manager, there are many functions of this job which are uniquely military. Personnel specialists oversee a wide array of administrative functions such as duty status changes, leave programs, casualty assistance, and official documents such as letters of reprimand.

Qualifications for Air Force Personnel Specialists

This job requires the ability to speak distinctly and type at least 25 words per minute and is open to those between ages 17 and 39. To be effective in this job, thorough knowledge and understanding of officer and airman classification systems and procedures will be necessary, as well as knowledge of personnel readiness and deployment and mobilization procedures.

The latter items might not seem like information a personnel specialist would need, but in order to advise Air Force personnel about their career prospects, for instance, it is useful to know whether there will be a need, or a surplus of airmen at a given pay grade, based on the Air Force's needs at any given time. Seven weeks of basic training, as well as Airmen's Week, is required. 

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in English composition and speech is desirable.

Training. For AFSC 3S031, completion of a basic personnel course is mandatory.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: (Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes).

3S051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3S031. Also, experience in functions such as maintaining personnel records, counseling, or classification and assignments.

3S071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3S051. Also, experience performing or supervising one or more of the functions associated with preparing and maintaining PDS and manual records, personnel classification or usage, quality force management, auditing personnel records, and reports, or career progression counseling.

Other Requirements. The following are mandatory as indicated:

  • Strength Req: G
  • Physical Profile: 333233
  • Citizenship: No
  • Required Appitude Score: A-45 (Changed to A-41, effective 1 Jul 04).
  • Technical Training Course #: E3ABR3S031 004
  • Length (Days): 29
  • Location: K