Air Force Services Career Field Jobs – 3M0X1

Jobs in Food Service, Lodging, Fitness, and More

Front of a military commissary building where a Services Career worker may work in the food service industry.
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The Airman Services Career Field 3M0X1 covers a wide variety of jobs for enlisted personnel; all centered on service operations. The core areas are broken into six paths: food service, lodging, fitness and sports, readiness, mortuary, and protocol.

A partial list of the responsibilities and locations of service jobs include:

  • Food facilities operated with appropriated funds
  • Transient and temporary lodging facilities
  • Fitness, recreation, and sports programs and facilities
  • Buying and managing equipment and supplies
  • Ensuring contracted services maintain quality standards
  • Training and overseeing the honor guard
  • Mortuary affairs
  • Training and supervising search and recovery teams
  • Commissary resale
  • Providing support for subsistence and exchange to deployed forces
  • Protocol support
  • Laundry services
  • Force Support readiness programs
  • Operates and supervises automated information management systems

The Airman Services Career Field is a contingency-related field. The personnel serving in this career field may participate in recovery operations as a result of natural and manmade disasters. Also, they may be subject to deployment and employment in hostile environments created by terrorism, sabotage, or chemical, biological, or conventional warfare.

You will need to be able to operate equipment and follow procedures to provide food, shelter, laundry, first aid, field sanitation, and hygiene, mortuary service, recreation, and physical fitness to deployed forces.

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3M0X1 Career Field Path

The foundation training given to all in the Services specialty includes basic training, Services Apprentice Training, 5 & 7 Level CDCs, on-the-job training, job qualification training, and readiness (HSRT & FSCT and Ancillary). The core areas are broken into six paths: food service, lodging, fitness and sports, readiness, mortuary, and protocol.

Service Specialty Qualifications

In the services career field, you will need an array of business skills. This includes knowledge of accounting procedures, management principles, merchandising, marketing, automated information systems, use of business machines, food service facility operation,; subsistence management, requisition and issue procedures, menu planning, lodging operations, recreation program development, personnel management, budgeting, facility and equipment maintenance procedures, basic business administration concepts, retail operations, mortuary affairs responsibilities,search and recovery procedures, and operation of services readiness units.

You will need to have completed high school. They prefer that you have courses in business arithmetic, accounting, computers, home economics, physical education, and typing.

You can't have had any disciplinary action for theft or financial irresponsibility and can't have been convicted by courts-martial or a civilian court. Other requirements include:

  • You have to be able to speak distinctly.
  • This job requires a Sensitive Job Code (SJC) of "F."
  • Strength Requirement:: H - Able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Physical Profile: 333333
  • Citizenship: No
  • Required Aptitude Score: G-24
  • Technical Training: Services Apprentice Course, 31 days at Lackland AFB, Texas

Services Career Path Requirements

The Services Career Path allows service members to grow in their skills and responsibility. The advancements available include:

  • Apprentice 3M031: You must complete the Services Apprentice Course.
  • Journeyman 3M051. After qualifying for the Apprentice Level AFSC 3M031, you must complete the 5-level CDCs (Services Journeyman). You will receive mostly on-the-job training. You will gain experience in your core service.
  • Craftsman 3M071. After qualifying at the Journeyman level, you will continue with on the job training and must complete 7-level CDCs (Services Craftsman) and the Services Academy's Activity Manager Distance Learning Course. You must have experience in two core areas and be assigned for at least 18 months.
  • Superintendent 3M091. After qualifying at the Craftsman level, you should take the Force Support Superintendent Course and activity manager level courses.