How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Paintball?

Your Age for Paintball Depends on Where You Live

Marius Hepp / EyeEm / Getty Images

How old a person has to be to play paintball varies considerably on where they live. Some countries require players to be adults, usually being at least 18-years-old. Other countries may have no rules whatsoever when it comes to paintball age limits. For most people, the determining age will be the age the insurance company allows players to be on the local field which, for most of the United States, is either 10- or 12-years-old.

Learn the Requirements to Play

If you want to know the required age, just ask your field and they will be happy to explain their rules. Age limits vary country by country and state by state, so reaching out to a local paintball facility and speaking to an owner is the best course of action. Besides the legal age to play, there is also the issue of the proper maturity level to play.

While it completely depends on the individual child, it is generally recommended that ages 12-to 14-years-old is the proper age to begin the sport of paintball. Most children at that age are able to understand and abide by the safety rules while still enjoying the game and not overreacting to getting hit. On top of this, parental discretion is typically required for liability reasons, so families should be prepared to sign documents for their children under the age of 18-years-old.

Paintball Tips for Beginners

  • It is important to not fear the pain of a paintball because it hurts less than most people expect. Although it's possible for it to sting momentarily or even leave a small bruise, it is just part of the game. Typically, paintball players get over the feeling fast and even find the entire aspect of paintball to be exciting. Besides, hiding during your first few games is not a way to up your skill level.
  • Do not take your mask off. Your game can easily become unsafe and unenjoyable if your face is not protected properly. Serious injuries can occur if this rule is not followed, and most venues will kick you out of the game if not ban you entirely for not following the rules.
  • Fire your paintball gun when you notice an opponent and are confident that you have the shot to tag them. Expect paintballs to come your way, as the noise and direction of your paintball gun can let other opponents know about your whereabouts.

Safety is Key

When it comes to paintball, safety is important for everyone involved in the game. Aside from wearing your protective mask, it is also important to never remove your goggles when out on the field, even if you are no longer in the game. Your goggles, mask and other gear should be made specifically for paintball or approved to ensure it will protect you properly.