Age of Empires III PC Cheat Codes Guide

Fatten up animals, boost exports, and conquer the new world

An island city in Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III is a real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It first launched on PC in 2005 and was later ported to Mac. The game depicts the European colonization of the Americas and offers 14 different civilizations to play. If you're looking for some help, here's a list of cheat codes that let you amass more food and coins, reveal the whole map, and more.

This guide is specifically for the PC version of Age of Empires III. There are also cheats for Age of Empires II and the spinoff series, Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires III PC Cheat Codes

To use any of the below cheat codes in-game, press Enter and type the cheat code after the prompt.

Cheat Code Effect
Shiver me timbers! Destroys all enemy boats on the map.
A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese Fattens all animals on the map.
Give me liberty or give me coin Gives 10,000 coins.
trade plz Gives 10,000 exports (Asian Dynasties Pack only).
Medium Rare Please Gives 10,000 food.
<censored> Gives 10,000 wood.
Nova & Orion Gives 10,000 XP.
a whole lot of love Gives 10,000 of all resources.
X marks the spot Reveals the map (fog of war is still there).
o canada 2005 Spawns a bear with laser eyes.
tuck tuck tuck Spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anything.
wuv woo vol.2 Spawns a flying tapir.
mustard relish and burning oil Spawns a hotdog cart (Asian Dynasties Pack only).
ding ding ding Spawns ice cream (Asian Dynasties Pack only).
don't kick the pitbull Spawns a Learicorn.
wee ooh wee ooh Spawns an alternate monster truck.
we <3 fluffy!1! Spawns Fluffy.
Ya gotta make do with what ya got Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at your home city gather point.
Sooo Good Turns on Musketeer’ed! when you get killed by Musketeers.
Speed always wins Turns on 100x gather/build rates.
this is too hard Win single-player automatically.

Age of Empires III PC File Edit Cheats

The following cheats involve tweaking a game file using a text editor, which carries some risk. If the file is edited incorrectly, it can potentially crash the game or make it unplayable. Always make a backup of the original file before making any changes.

Unlimited Resources Cheat

You can gain unlimited resources by modifying a certain file. Here's how.

  1. Go to the game folder, select the Data directory, then open the proto.xml file.

    You might need to uncheck the read-only attribute of that file's properties in Windows Explorer first.

  2. Search for a bit of code called CrateOf. You'll find CrateofFood, CrateofCoin, CrateofWood, CrateofFoodLarge, CrafteofCoinLarge, and CrateofWoodLarge. For each entry, find the InitialResourceCount tag and change the amount to whatever you desire.

  3. Save the file and boot up the game.

Unlimited Unlock Points Cheat

If you want to unlock lots of things right off the bat, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the \Age of Empires 3\Savegame\ folder, then back up the sp_yourcityname_homecity.xml file.

  2. Open the file and find a line called <skillpoints>. Edit the number next to it to give yourself plenty of unlock points.

  3. Save the file and load the game.

Invincible Units Cheat

Give your explorers a boost with this cheat:

This secret affects enemy units as well as your own.

  1. Go to the Data folder, then open the proto.xml file in a text editor.

  2. Make a new column and press Ctrl+Tab twice, then enter Invulnerable.

  3. Add another line and enter DoNotDieAtZeroHitpoints.

  4. Save the file and load the game.