How to Deal With Teen Friendship Problems

Lots of problems can arise in teen friendships: Whether you're fighting with a friend, growing apart from a friend, approaching a friend with a problem, dealing with a jealous friend, or moving away from a friend, these helpful tips just for you.

Here are a few common friendship problems and advice on how to solve them.

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Finding Friends You Can Trust

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Not all friends are good, true friends. In fact, a really good and trustworthy friend can be hard to find.

How can you tell who will be a trustworthy, reliable and caring person in the long run? We've got a few thoughts on the subject, plus tips on how to find a best friend who'll stick with you in thick and thin.

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Dealing With a Jealous Friend

Even the best of friends can get jealous of one another from time to time. How can you handle a jealous friend without hurting their feelings or destroying the friendship?

The key involves finding out where the jealousy stems from and listening closely to what your friend needs from you to feel more confident.

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Dealing With Feelings When a Friend Moves Away

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Sometimes a good friend will move to a different school, a different town, a different state or even a different country. How can you stay in touch, deal with your feelings about the loss and move on with your life?

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Making Friends at a New School

You may find that you are the one who's moving to a different school, town, state or country. How can you start building friendships in a new place and stay in touch with your old friends, too?

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Approaching a Friend in Trouble

Life is hard, and it's extra hard when you're watching a friend go through tough times. What's the best way to approach a friend who's struggling with an eating disorder, fighting a drug problem, mourning the loss of a parent or battling depression? How can you be helpful when you're not going through they problem they're going through?