Advanced Longboarding - Longboard Dancing Trick Tips

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Advanced Longboarding Dancing Trick Tips
Skater: Adam Stokowski. Photographer: Adam Colton

Longboard Dancing is the term made up by Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski, two avid longboarders who combined elements of freestyle skateboarding, surfing, dance and whatever else they found lying around into a new creative form of riding a longboard. These aren't tricks like in regular skateboarding, where the skater does a quick technical flip of the skateboard - rather, these are all about show, style, and incorporating all this into riding longboards.

The following trick tip videos by Adam and Adam should get you started on the road to advanced longboarding, and longboard dancing:

Chop the Wood

This is a great trick to start out on. Basically, you will hop up on one foot, using your other foot out in front of you for balance. As you will see in the video, Chop the Wood is a great trick to learn to annoy children, or to clear dangerous debris from the road! Watch the Chop the Wood video

The Lookback

This is a simple trick that allows you to suddenly change the direction you are going in, generally show off, or stop a runaway basketball. Plus, as opposed to most street skateboarding tricks, this one can be done in a sweet purple suit (you'll see in the Lookback video).

Spin Big

The Spin Big is basically the opposite of a Big Spin - so your board spins 180 degrees while your body spins 360 degrees. At the end of the video, he gives some good examples of ways to string this trick together with others to create some great sequences! Check out the Spin Big Trick Tip video.


Cross-Stepping has its roots in surfing. Gaining confidence in cross-stepping on your longboard will open all kinds of doors for later tricks, and make you a more comfortable, stable rider. Watch the Cross-Stepping Trick Tip video. You can also check out the further Cross-Stepping Between Switch and Regular.

The Shanker

A cool trick that looks, sort of, like a nollie. But without the pop. Ok, so it's very different, but that might have given you a close mental picture. The Shanker trick tip video is my favorite for purely being funny (but they all have a great humor style!). Watch the Trick Tip for the Shanker.

Walk the Plank

Basically, learning to walk up and down your board while you ride it! This trick tip video is long on the humor, but it's all good stuff - you'll enjoy it, and you should also at the end of the video, you'll see a lot of ways to incorporate all of these different tricks into one run. Check out the trick tip video for Walk the Plank.

G-turn Variations

A G-Turn is like a kickturn, but on a longboard. Also, the board continues to roll a little, so you get a more sweeping turn in. Before learning this trick, they suggest you be able to manual "about two parking spaces." This video covers 3 variations of the G-turn: the Nollie Shove-It Catch-it-on-the-Nose into G-Turn, a Nollie Pivot into-something-or-other into G-Turn, and a Squat Down G-Turn. The video is full of fine details and help! Check out the ​G-Turn Variations trick tip video.

If you thought that longboarding was all about getting from here to there and maybe hitting a few hills, these guys will open up a whole new world for you! Finally, If you are new to longboarding, you might want to first start out with the basics in ​Learn How to Longboard. Have fun!