These Adorably Sinister Owls Give Cat Memes A Run For Their Money

Not A Single Hoot Given

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Forgetful Owl

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We've all had that moment when we suddenly remember we've messed up royally.

We're all used to seeing umpteen million funny cat memes on the internet, but we're here to tell you one simple fact: when it comes to comparisons, owl memes are just as funny, just as adorable... and twice as sinister as cat memes.

Sure, cats are cute, fuzzy little predators who go out and murder small woodland creatures every chance they get, but owls are straight up gangsta and give zero hoots about maintaining the appearance of being a good pet. They're not pets at all; they're wild, reclusive birds of prey who hunt by cover of darkness, only coming out of hiding when it's time to swoop down and devour mice and any other small critters who mistakenly wandered into their path. They're vicious. They're tough. And they also happen to be super, super cute.

In fact, we think the reason owl memes have gained popularity on the web is that they kind of look like evil cat-birds. They've got those big yellow eyes, sharp claws, a love of bloodshed; they're practically twinsies!

Go ahead and take a look at some of the funniest owl memes gathered from around the web. We think you'll agree that these memes have all the biting wit while being just a tiny bit edgier than those basic cat memes we're so familiar with. These memes are also great to use as reaction images in comment sections!

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Gigantic Puffed-Up Owl

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Why is he this big and puffy? Is this some kind of weird intimidation technique? Who else gets puffed up in order to make themselves appear bigger to predators? Oh yeah, cats

See? Further proof that cats are really just owls without the wings.

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Owlet and His Weirdo Buddy

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These baby owls are cute, and this meme proves that you don't have to be human to be a little bit off. We're sure he's still a very good little owl, though, with a nice personality. Look how cute he is! 

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Did someone order a totally intimidating creature who just happens to be delivering a super-ominous facial expression?  

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Pet Me Human. Pet Me NOW!

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Just like cats, this adorable little bird is showing us exactly who's in charge here. Here's a hint: It's not us humans. It's NEVER us humans.

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Sudden Revelation Owl

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Oh my stars! What a dilemma! Poor owl friend has to go all the way back to his nest just to make sure he didn't leave the oven on. Also TIL (today I learned) owls have ovens.

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This Displeases The Tiny Owl

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Moist owlet! See what they did there? 

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Stoned Owl Contemplates Life

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Looks like this owl might have tried some of that funny green vegetation everyone's always talking about. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, eh Mr. Owl? It's 4:20 somewhere

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Coffee Addict Owls

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Which one are you? Most days we're "Regular" but today? Today it's more like "Decaf."

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Sure, he's laughing now, but when push comes to shove, the answer is definitely NOPE.

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Owl Puns Are A Hoot

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We love a good pun, but this isn't one of them.

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Every Parent Knows This Facial Expression

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If by "looked for it" you meant half-heartedly glanced around your immediate area without, you know, actually looking for it... then yes.

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Pooping Owl

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Can't an owl get any privacy around this place? Sheesh. 

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He Owled So Hard

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Ever since Harry Potter chose a Snowy Owl (RIP Hedwig) as his pet of choice, these cool cats have had it made in the shade. Look at this guy, owling around like he owns the place.

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Best Reaction Image Ever

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Go ahead, you know you want to right-click and save this bad boy for future use.  

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Tickling Frenzy Owl

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Those claws don't look like they'd be very comfortable, but he's so cute we might let him claw us up regardless. 

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Patient Owl Waits For His Chance to Get Even

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Is it really self control, or did they shackle his little claws to that tree? We're just saying - spraying an owl with a hose seems like a great way to get your eyes clawed out.

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He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?

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Some owls just don't know when to shut their beaks.

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Help Wanted Owl

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If he's not qualified to serve chicken wings at Hooters, who is?

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Um... Two?

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This meme relies on that old classic Tootsie Pop commercial, but with a much more evil twist!

There you have it! Proof that owl memes are just as cute and funny as cat memes, but come complete with an extra serving of scary.