Business / Administration Resume Examples and Templates

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Wondering what to put on your resume to land a job in administration or business? To make the best impression on the hiring manager, it’s important to emphasize your job-specific skills, as well as the soft skills that make you an exceptional candidate.

Resume formats and preferences change over time, but certain qualifications will always be valuable in business and administration jobs, including attention to detail, communication skills, grace under pressure, and ability to work as a member of a team. It’s also important to get a sense of the job requirements and company culture at the organization.

Strengthen your own resume by looking at sample resumes for similar jobs.

Tips for Creating a Strong Business Resume

Before you write your own resume, review some strategic tips to make your resume great and focus it on jobs in administration or business.

Use a resume summary. Consider including a resume summary statement at the top of your resume. It is a great way to include a brief statement that highlights your skills and explains why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Highlight your credentials. Different business and administration jobs require specific degrees and certifications, so be sure to highlight your education. Include an “Education” section, and consider placing it towards the top of your resume, especially if you are a recent graduate.

Include your most relevant experiences. It is essential to highlight your relevant experience, focusing on the most important or impressive skills and achievements. Include about six to eight bullet-pointed skills. If you are changing careers or have limited work experience, consider including internships, volunteer activities, and other experiences that are related to the job.

Emphasize your accomplishments. Rather than simply stating your responsibilities or duties under each job, also include specific accomplishments or successes. You might mention a project you led or an idea you spearheaded that helped increase efficiency. When appropriate, include dollars saved or percentage changes to show your successes.

Tailor your resume to fit the job and company. Individualize each resume to fit the specific job, as well as the company. Include keywords from the job listing in your resume; these are the essential phrases that will draw the attention of the automated applicant tracking systems that many employers now use to initially screen the job applications they receive.

You might also include these keywords in your resume summary or your descriptions of your accomplishments. If the job requires particular skills, be sure to highlight these on your resume.

Avoid clichés. Hiring managers have to look at hundreds of resumes, so avoid over-used phrases that mean very little. For example, phrases like “hard worker” or “goes above and beyond” are commonplace, and don’t really show your abilities. Use keywords, specific accomplishments, and a strong resume summary to make yourself stand out. You'll do fine if you keep your focus on specific skills for the job, rather than over-used, generic phrases.

Review samples. Before creating your own resume, look at sample resumes for similar jobs. Just be sure to personalize your resume to match your skills and experience – and then to customize it for each specific job.

Be prepared to discuss what's on your resume. Rehearse examples of when and how you used your skills in former jobs. 

Download a Resume Template

You can view an administrative resume example for reference, or download a template below.

Administrative Resume Example (Text Version)

Minnie Manners
987 Lakeview Road
Chicago, IL 60176
(123) 456-7890


Providing frontline administrative support to optimize office productivity and efficiency.

Highly organized and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant offering proven strengths in phone and customer reception, data entry, appointment scheduling, and meeting and event coordination.

Proactive in identifying opportunities to enhance administrative processes and improve client relations. Possess a sunny disposition complemented by impeccably professional appearance. Type 80 wpm with 100% accuracy.


ABC MEDICAL GROUP, Chicago, Illinois
Administrative Assistant (February 2008 – Present)
Skillfully deliver administrative support to staff and patients of a 7-physician medical practice. Communicate by phone to set patient appointments, facilitate prescription delivery, and process insurance payments. Key contributions:

  • Demonstrated exceptional interpersonal and communication skills when dealing with ill and often-anxious clients.
  • Trained and mentored new hires in use of telephone system and healthcare management software.

Administrative Assistant (November 2004 – January 2007)
Greeted and facilitated appointment scheduling and payment processes for clients of boutique financial advising firm. Made travel arrangements for senior financial advisors, scheduled and took notes at meetings, and coordinated office celebrations and events. Key Contributions:

  • Sourced new suppliers for office equipment and supplies that reduced overhead by 26%.
  • Created dynamic and informative PowerPoint presentations for use by financial advisors at client meetings, conferences, and community outreach workshops.


AAS in General Office Administration

IT Skills: Microsoft Office Suite • Healthcare Management Software • Google Mail • Google Calendar

More Administration/Business Resume Examples

Review example resumes for jobs in administration, customer service, management, and more.


Administrative positions involve running day-to-day operations at a company. Administrators might help greet guests, answer calls, manage paperwork, and more. They need a variety of administrative/secretarial skills, ranging from communication to technology to organization.

Customer Service

Customer service is all about keeping customers happy to retain them and thus increase sales. These customer service resume examples all incorporate critical customer service skills to highlight on your resume.

Human Resources

Human resources jobs involve recruiting and hiring job applicants. People in human resources also manage and administer benefits to employees, and handle a variety of workplace issues. Here is a list of the top human resources skills. Consider including some of these skill words in your resume, depending on the job you are applying for.


Managerial jobs involve overseeing the work of employees. Managers have to train and motivate employees and help them reach company goals. Consider including some of these managerial skills in your resume.

  • Executive With a Profile
  • Executive
  • Management


Marketers help explain and promote a company and its products to the public. They might work in advertising, analytics, public relations, research, or many other marketing fields. Here is a list of marketing skills to consider using in your resume.


Many businesses hire employees for jobs that combine business and technological skills. Even if your job is not specifically in information technology (IT), it is almost always beneficial to have some technology skills included on your resume. Here are links to sample resumes that focus on a combination of business and technology.

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

Highlight Your Most Relevant Experience: Use a resume summary statement to put your qualifications front and center. Call out your skills in six to eight bullet points.

Review Resume Examples and Templates: Looking at resume samples for similar jobs will help you emphasize your most important achievements.

Customize Your Resume to Fit the Job: Do not send a generic resume. Be sure to include keywords from the job listing.

Be Prepared to Discuss Your Resume During a Job Interview: Hiring managers will want to hear you place your skills in context, to get a sense of how you’ll work as part of the team.