How to Adjust MyColor and Ambient Mustang Interior Light Settings


In 2005, Ford released the fifth-generation Mustang. With its release came a new feature known as MyColor. Delphi's MyColor allows owners to mix and match lighting at the touch of a button to create more than 125 color backgrounds. It is an included option on Mustangs equipped with the Interior Upgrade Package.

In 2008, Ford added the interior ambient lighting package on specially equipped Mustangs, which offers the option of illuminating the front and rear footwells and front cup holders with any one of seven colors. The driver or front passenger can choose from red, orange, blue, indigo, violet, green, and yellow.

Want to adjust your Mustang's interior lighting? It's pretty simple! You'll need about two to five minutes to change your Mustang interior lights using MyColor (with a properly equipped 2005 or newer Mustang) or Ambient Lighting (with a properly equipped 2008 Mustang).

Press the SETUP Button

The Setup Button

Jonathan P. Lamas

Before you begin, make sure the vehicle is in park and not moving. Also, make sure your headlights are turned on. Then push the SETUP button on your dash-mounted Setup Menu. You should then look to the digital display in your instrument panel, where you'll select the Display Color setup menu.

Press the RESET Button

Scroll Through the Color Settings

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You should now be in the Display Color setup menu. Pressing the RESET button, located next to the SETUP button, will allow you to scroll through six existing color settings: Green, Blue, Purple, White, Orange, Red. The last menu option is MyColor/Adjust. When you reach this setting, hold the RESET button down again for 3 seconds until you enter the MyColor setup screen.

*If, by chance, you fail to hold the button down for three seconds and accidentally leave this screen, press the RESET button again at the prompt. You will progress through the six existing color settings again. Then at the MyColor/Adjust screen, hold the RESET button down again for three seconds.

Create Your Own Color Within the Adjust Mode

The Color Adjust Mode. Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas

You should now be in the adjust mode. The screen will show you red, green, blue, and exit options. To select either of the colors, press the RESET button until you are within that color setting. To adjust the amount of specified color you want in you custom Mustang interior lightning, press the SETUP button. Once you've created your custom color, hold the RESET button down for three seconds. If you do not hold the button down for three seconds, it will simply continue to cycle through your color options.

Adjust Ambient Lighting in equipped 2008 Mustangs

The Ambient Lighting Switch

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To adjust the ambient lighting in a 2008 Mustang, first, locate the selector switch behind the shifter near the vehicle's cup holders.

Press the Ambient Lighting Setting Switch to Cycle Through the Colors

Changing the ambient color setting

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Pressing the ambient lighting setting switch, in properly equipped Mustangs, will cycle through the various colors offered (red, orange, blue, indigo, violet, green, and yellow). These colors will illuminate the front and rear footwells and front cup holders. When you reach the end of the cycle, the ambient lighting will switch off. Use this setting if you wish not to use the ambient lighting feature.

Sit back and Enjoy the Color Show

Light on a yellow Ford Mustang
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Now that you've selected your colors, sit back and enjoy the show. The MyColor and Ambient Lighting features make for a colorful driving experience. Ford, why didn't you think of this sooner?