Adidas Outlet Stores Review and Locations

Find Out How to Get the Best Prices on Adidas

BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 24: Maxilie Mlinarskij wearing a black Acne denim jeans, black Adidas Yeezy boost sneaker on April 24, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

If you like Adidas -- and especially like to get good deals on Adidas products -- then outlet stores might be a good choice for you. There is no shortage of Adidas Outlet Stores (sometimes called Adidas Factory Stores) throughout the country, as they can be found at most of the Premium Outlet Malls and many of the other large- to medium-sized outlet centers.

The Adidas Outlet Stores carry a wide range of workout clothing, sports gear, and footwear including shoes for various sports for men, women, and kids. According to the company, the merchandise is first quality and mostly from prior seasons.

Getting the Best Prices

The best time to shop for the cheapest prices is during holiday weekends. The Adidas Outlet Stores always seem to be running additional sales during these periods, particularly with clearance items. Getting an additional 50 percent off of already-reduced merchandise is not uncommon, so it can be a great time to really stock up on the items you need.

Review of Adidas Outlet Stores

Adidas Outlet Stores across the country seem to be opting for smaller stores compared to when they first started showing up at the outlet malls. This doesn't seem to have hurt the overall inventory that much, but some of the stores can get very crowded and messy.

It's a good idea to scan the clearance merchandise first. This always seems to be in the back of the stores. A lot of times, this area has been left in disarray by shoppers, making it a challenge to find specific sizes and styles on the appropriate racks or shelves. If you do not find your size, dig through the boxes and in other areas nearby. Many times, the best deals on the nicest styles are scattered around the store. This includes clothing items in addition to shoes.

Don't expect to find a lot of personal one-on-one help on busy days. It seems that the stores run with the fewest employees possible, which can make the stores in the smaller, less populated outlet malls preferable. Typically, the quieter the outlet mall, the better the service is at the Adidas Outlets.

The outlet stores seem to carry a regular inventory of basic merchandise, rather than the trendy or specialty items. You will also see merchandise in odd (and, perhaps, undesirable) color combinations. For example, you might see a bright green running shoe with bright orange trim. But there also are a lot of good styles in popular colors, and with the exception of some of the huge outlet malls, a good selection of sizes.

Even though the company claims the merchandise is first quality, which might very well be true, you still should be careful to inspect the merchandise before you buy it. It may be first quality, but it also might have been there for a few years, or look like it has, especially in the clearance areas. Be aware that outlet shoppers can be very rough on merchandise, so do inspect whatever you buy before making your purchase.

Adidas Outlet Stores are like many of the popular outlet stores in that they can be a hit or miss, but more often than not, you're likely to find a hit.