The Adidas Dragon: A Review

Retro Meets Hip-Hop Style

Adidas Dragon / Getty Images

Usually, when people think of old-school Adidas sneakers, they usually picture shelltoes, Sambas, Campuses, or vintage kicks with straps. Yet rarely do Adidas Dragons come to the forefront of their minds even though they came out in the 70s and fit the retro mold. Yes, retro meets hip-hop style and attitude in the sleek and sharp Adidas Originals Dragon sneaker. If you've collected Adidas classics in the past, why stop before adding the Dragon? In today's street visibility, it's the new Adidas Campus or Nike Cortez of the past.


Iconic retro style and everyday comfort make the Originals Dragon retro sneaker from Adidas one of the most ferocious shoes your sidewalk's ever seen. Detailed with signature stripes racing down each side, the Dragon combines stylish aspects from the court and the street. It is slim, rides flat, and lacks the "chunk" that is signature to Adidas retro sneakers like the Adidas Forum. Sporty, lightweight, fresh, and versatile, the Adidas Dragon is cool and makes a great everyday sneaker. Try wearing them with straight-leg jeans and any t-shirt. Not only are they easy to pair up, they can take pavement beatings and lots of abuse when you're out and about.

Comfort and Fit

The Adidas Dragon is comfortable but comes with mixed reviews. The first being, they ride flatter than most Adidas shoes. A slimmer shape and sole make them slightly unique for these reasons. Second, depending on the material of the shoe, comfort also differs. You can find these sneakers in suede, canvas, or leather uppers. The fabric upper makes them lightweight and easy to care for, yet they won't stretch to a snug fit like leather ones. However, this reissue features an EVA wedge for extra cushioning and textile lining for comfort regardless of material.

Choosing a comfortable upper depends on how much additional comfort your feet really need. If you take an in-between size, then go with leather. A cushy insole, padded collar and moisture-wicking mesh lining keep active feet supported and cool. If your feet demand special needs or attention, go for another shoe with a chunkier sole in leather. To learn the differences between leather and pleather shoes and know which material is right for you, go here to find out more.


The Dragon is a laser-sharp street gem. Popular amongst the "Euro" kids and seen on a lot on college campuses, this shoe is also gaining lots of friends at the gym. Weighing exactly a pound, or less than half a kilo, the sneakers are extremely lightweight. They also consist of a flexible rubber outsole for traction and durability, plus a moisture-retaining inner sole. Found in an array of colors suitable for both men and women, the Dragon offers versatility when combined with any outfit.


The running-inspired Adidas Dragon roared onto the training-shoe scene in the 1970s but hasn't enjoyed massive popularity until recently. Since it's earliest days, it has slowly climbed its way to stardom -- almost 4 decades later. Its grippy ripsaw gum outsole and slim profile quickly won over fans, but its simple vintage styling is what ignited a following. The Dragon is a great option for those who dislike bulky sneakers and prefer slimmer cuts. Offering Adidas's classic three-stripe signature straps, these kicks are nicely designed, versatile, offer comfort, flexibility, and don't skimp out on street durability. You can find these at Adidas outlets and clearance racks for cheap or get them at their regular retail price. A pair of these goes for anywhere from $30 to $70. 

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