The Meaning, Definition, and BPM of Adagio

Close up of violinist playing the violin
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Adagio means to play slowly, calmly, and at ease, and with an average speed of around 70 BPM.* Adagio is faster than lento but slower than andante. The term adagio translates to "slowly."

BPM of Adagio

Adagio has a speed between 66-76 beats per minute (BPM). Though sometimes it is seen as 56-76 and 60-80. Ultimately, Adiagio is about 70 BPM.

Synonyms of Adagio

Similar Commands Include

  • adagietto - A tempo near that of adagio. However, adagietto remains somewhat ambiguous, and may be interpreted as slightly slower or faster than adagio. Traditionally, its tempo is between adagio and andante.
  • adagissimo - A superlative of adagio (to play slower than adagio).
  • allegro - To play in a quick, lively tempo; faster than allegretto, but slower than allegrissimo.
  • andantino - A diminutive of andante: to play with a slow, moderate tempo; slightly faster than andante but slower than moderato.
  • (allarg.allargando - To "widen" or "broaden" the tempo, and create a slow rallentando that retains a full, prominent volume.
  • allegretto - To play somewhat quickly. Allegretto is slower and slightly less lively than allegro, but faster than andante.
  • a piacere - Indicates that liberties may be taken with certain aspects of the music, usually tempo. A piacere translates to "to your pleasure; at your will."