Top Accessories' Styles for Short Women

Jewelry, Shoes, Handbags, Hats, and Scarves

Although clothing plays a crucial role in fashion, accessories are just as important. The right fashion accessory can make a short woman look taller and slimmer while the wrong fashion accessory can have the opposite effect.

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Looking for a sure way to stand out in a crowd? Wear some distinctive jewelry. Not only is an unusual piece of jewelry a fashion adornment, but it's also a great conversation starter. Short women mainly need to be concerned that jewelry isn't so big that it's not in proportion to their stature. Sometimes jewelry can even help make a short woman look a bit taller; for example, choosing a pendant necklace, rather than a choker, will flatter a petite woman. See top styles of earrings and necklaces for short women.

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Shoe styles can help a short woman look taller, or they can have the opposite effect. It can pay fashion dividends for petite women to ignore the latest trends in shoes if they will not be flattering. When it comes to shoes for short women, it's not all about high heels although it may seem that wearing shoes with very high heels would be the best way to look taller. Without a doubt, high heels can add inches of height and help short women look taller, but when the heels are too high, they appear to be out of proportion and only call attention to the wearer in a bad way.

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When selecting a handbag, there are three major factors to keep in mind so that the style of the ​purse will be most flattering for the petite woman. First, choose a shape that's the opposite to the body type. Second, avoid huge handbags because they look out of proportion in size. A medium- to small-sized handbag usually works best for the short woman. Third, don't carry a handbag in a way that will add unflattering bulk to a heavy area of the figure.

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There are lots of ways to wear a fashion scarf attractively, and short women can help elongate their bodies, making themselves look longer and leaner by wearing a scarf in a way that flatters their petite physique. On the other hand, certain ways of wearing a scarf can actually make a short woman look even shorter.

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Since Princess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton, has appeared in public many times wearing cute little fascinators or other hats, there's been a bit of a resurgence in women's interest in millinery. Although a hat may not be the first fashion accessory that a woman thinks of when she's dressing in the morning, a hat can make a short woman stand out just because it's unexpected.