The PIC Skate Review

Do Figure Skating Moves on Dry Land With the PIC Skate!

Pic Skates
(Annabelle Schneider-Farris)

Figure skaters are always looking at ways to train off the ice. The PIC® Skate was invented by John Petell and Nick Perna (a Master Rated Coach with the Professional Skaters Association). Their original vision was to not only give figure skaters a way to train off the ice, but to allow figure skaters a chance to perform in front of audiences when ice was not available.

John and Nick saw that the traditional inline skate made it possible for ice skaters to enjoy skating outdoors, but realized early that the many recreational inline skates that were developed were really only for getting skaters to go from one point to another or for roller hockey. They wished to make it possible for figure skaters to do more on inline skates, and worked hard to develop The PIC® Frame.

The PIC® Skate can be purchased as a set or the PIC® Frame can be purchased separately and then be mounted to any traditional figure skating boot.

The frame made for children can be worn for some time since a boot can "stick out" over the PIC® Frame and as a child grows, the frame can stick out behind the boot's heel.

The PIC® Skate Company also manufactures and sells wheels of difference hardness and diameter to suit the needs of all figure skaters.  In addition, there is a PIC® Skate urban model made especially for recreational skaters.


  • The PIC® Skate appears to look and feel like an ice figure skate.
  • The PIC® Frame can be mounted to any figure skating boot.
  • Skaters say that with practice, most figure skating moves can be done on this skate.
  • The PIC® Frame is rockered just like a figure skating blade.


  • Learning to spin on the PIC® Skate takes time.
  • The price of the PIC® Skate is high and does not always fit into a figure skater's budget.
  • Skaters can get hurt while wearing these skates since concrete is not as forgiving as ice.
  • These skates are heavier than ice figure skates.
  • These skates move much slower than ice figure skates.


  • Feels like an ice figure skate.
  • Skaters can buy a frame set and mount it to used skating boots.
  • The PIC® Skate has inside and outside edges just like an ice figure skate.
  • With practice, spins are possible on The PIC® Skate.
  • Jumps are possible on The PIC® Skate.
  • With practice, every maneuver that can be done on the ice can also be performed on PIC® Skates.

The Bottom Line

Some figure skaters say that the PIC® Skate makes it possible to practice all figure skating moves done on the ice off the ice. Most skaters find that the skate takes some time to get used to. Skaters say that the PIC® (toe stop) feels very much like the toe pick on a figure skating blade.