About Invisible Settings

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About Invisible Settings in Jewelry

Invisible Setting Diamond Ring

The invisible setting technique was developed in France more than two centuries ago. Grooves in each stone's girdle slip into a metal framework below the surface, but the metal cannot be seen. Diamonds and gemstones sit side-by-side where they create the appearance of a solid surface of gems. Usually, the stones are square or princess cut in shape in an invisible setting. Round diamonds are unable to be set into the invisible metal framework. 

Jewelry designers use invisible setting techniques to create the illusion of larger diamonds in engagement rings and wedding rings. The ring shown on this page is a good illustration of an invisible setting mixed with a pave setting technique. The princess cut diamonds are set together so they appear like one larger stone, and the round brilliant cut diamonds are set in a pave setting. 

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Invisible Settings Can Be Used to Mimic a Large Diamond

Invisible Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

Our eyes see an illusion of a much larger diamond when smaller diamonds are clustered together in an invisible setting. Here, four princess cut diamonds create what appears to be a diamond solitaire.

This technique is one way to choose a budget-friendly engagement ring.

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Invisibly Set Diamonds Can Enhance a Focal Stone

Invisible Setting Engagement Ring

The princess cut center diamond in this engagement ring is enhanced by a large surface of smaller, invisibly set diamonds at its sides. Wall to wall diamonds make rings like this positively shine!

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Invisibly Set Diamonds Used in a Man's Wedding Band

Men's Invisible Setting Diamond Wedding Band

Let's not forget the groom. This polished, yellow gold man's wedding band is set with princess cut diamonds. The invisible setting is surrounded by white gold to make the diamonds appear to extend outwards even farther.

An invisibly set band might be the solution if your fiancé would like a wedding band set with diamonds.

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Sapphires in an Invisible Setting

Invisible Set Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Invisible settings aren't just for diamonds. This ring features a blue sapphire heart. At first it looks as though the sapphire is heart shaped, but it is actually three different sapphires that are partially bezel set and partially in an invisible setting. This setting is also very similar to a calibre cut setting. 

This tour of invisible settings has focused on rings, but you'll see invisibly set diamonds and other gemstones in earrings, necklaces, bracelets--all kinds of fine jewelry.