Aaron Kyro - Skateboarding Scientologist Spokesman

It seems like skateboarding is used as everybody's springboard to talk about something OTHER than skateboarding! There's a huge push by skaters like Bob Burnquist and Element Skateboards to use skateboarding to preach to the world about saving the environment. There are loads of Christian skateboarders who use their positions as pro skaters to talk to people about Jesus. And while I'm a big fan of both saving the planet and saving people's souls, but this one was new:

"Meet a Scientologist--Aaron Kyro, Skateboarding with Self-Confidence"

I just received a press release e-mail from Scientology News asking me to spread the word about their newest poster child, Aaron Kyro. Who is Aaron Kyro? He's a very talented street skater, and you can watch some great videos of him on YouTube. There's also a great interview with him over on 48Blocks. He seems like a great guy, but it looks like Scientology has him and now wants to use him to pull you in.

Now, I have to admit - everything I know about Scientology I learned from South Park. That, and Tom Cruise. And all of that leads me to think that it's a pretty absurd body of beliefs, and so I'm not going to advertise for it here. But what I WILL do, is repeat this quote from Aaron Kyro that I thought had some merit:

"Before, it was a lot of strain and 'I don't know if I can do this.' With a positive attitude you can literally learn any trick you want to know in as little time as you would take to actually do it," Kyro says. "I can really do more of what I want to do instead of what people tell me I should do," he says.

So what do you think about people using skateboarding to catapult their beliefs and ideas in your face? Sometimes, I think it can make sense, and sometimes, I feel like I just want to skate... How do YOU feel about it? Have you come across any other groups using pro skaters to get you to change your thinking about something, or to get you to join their group? Leave a comment!