Aaron Albert


  • Avid comic book collector with a collection built over more than 20 years
  • A grade school teacher who uses comic books as a teaching aid
  • Owner of a small business that sources and resells related collectibles


Aaron Albert was a former writer for ThoughtCo for more than eight years. He contributed articles focused on the comic book industry and comic book collectibles. Aaron has collected, studied, and written about comic books and related memorabilia for more than 20 years. 

Having worked as a grade school teacher since 2004, Aaron uses comics in the classroom to inspire his second and fifth graders to read. He also encourages his students to create comic books as a way to understand and connect with current events. Aaron assisted librarians in selecting books for the library which appeal to young readers.

In 2013, Aaron's interest in collectibles led him to start his own small business, Trader A. The business specializes in locating and re-selling vintage items related to the comic book genre. He helps other comic book sellers hold online auctions.

Aaron's collection of comic books number in the thousands, with many being vintage comic books. 


Aaron attended George Fox University. 

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