A Review of Woody's Men's Grooming Products

Quality Styling Products At A Good Price

For many men, the deciding factors on which styling products to buy are smell and price. It's for this reason that many men purchase their grooming products at the supermarket -- because the products are cheap. While there is some disagreement between salon professionals and consumer advocates whether salon brands are better than supermarket brands, I can say with a certainty that Woody's Grooming Products are among the best I've tried and they're sold in salons for near supermarket prices. Solid performance, great fragrances, and attractive packaging at a fair price. It's a win.

As far as shampoos go, this is a solid performer and will work well with most hair types.  The product has a refreshing citrus smell, lathered nicely, and rinses away clean.  As the name implies, it is gentle enough for daily use.  

This is one of my favorite conditioners.  It leaves hair feeling soft and rinses away clean without weighing the hair down.  This conditioner has a pretty strong Tea Tree kick, so it feels very refreshing. 

What can I say?  It's gel.  Let it dry and it gets hard and still looks wet.  After the gel dries, comb through it if you're after a dry look that retains its shape.  In my tests the product worked very well and didn't flake.  If gel's your thing, this is a great one.

Again, it's gel.  You know this.  Not as firm as Woody's Mega Firm Gel, so it's better for normal to fine hair and it won't flake.

Here's where gel gets interesting.  Woody's Wood Glue is super strong for more extreme styles.  It actually has the texture of the glue you used as a kid in school, although it smells a bit better.  This is good stuff for 'hawks and blowouts.

I'm real picky about the pomade I'll use on myself or my clients -- most pomade is either too greasy, too stiff, or too light.  This is, quite frankly, the best I've found.  The product is water-based so it's easy to rinse out.  It offers a flexible hold and gives great shine and texture and it smells amazing.  This product is one of my "must haves" from now on. 

This is a very unique product.  When you first use it, you may be surprised by how stiff the product is in the jar -- like modeling clay.  Work it around in the palms a bit to loosen it up and work it through your hair.  The product gives a very firm, flexible hold but without being stiff or wet looking like traditional gel.  I love the texture this product creates in the hair.  

Like the pomade, Woody's Cream provides a flexible hold and great shine.  This product will give a bit more textured look than a pomade and is exceptionally well suited to add separation and control in curly or wavy hair.  This is one of my favorites.

In reviewing all of these products, I used them on myself and on clients in my barber salon.  I'd like to find something negative to say about the line, but they really didn't miss the boat on any of the products.  All of the products perform well, smell great, and are fairly priced for the high quality they offer.  I also like that the line is not bloated like some of the more popular men's lines.  Woody's is available in salons only and they're worth looking for.  

Woody's Web is, hands down, one of my favorite new styling products and now use it in my own hair almost daily.  I love that it gives me good hold and texture, but remains flexible.  The product is very easy to work with and has a matte finish.  

Professional Quality at Supermarket Prices

I really love this Woody's brand -- they offer high quality professional products at reasonable prices.