A Review of the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit

A Capable Clipper with Cheap Accessories

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Pice Haircutting Kit
Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Pice Haircutting Kit.

The folks at Wahl seemed somewhat offended that I had not yet reviewed one of their clippers for home haircutting, so they sent me one to put through the tests. I have to admit, as a person who cuts hair for a living, I tend to be a bit biased against products intended to promote home haircutting. I'm also accustomed to heavy-duty professional grade tools, so most home units just feel cheap to me.

That said, I put the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit to the test in a professional environment and found the clipper to be a capable performer. The accessories, on the other hand, did nothing at all to compliment this otherwise fine clipper.

What's In the Box

The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit includes everything you need to do a complete haircut. There the Chrome Pro Clipper, a small battery powered trimmer, scissors, combs, cape, clipper guards, and even a storage case -- 27 pieces in all. At around $68 suggested retail (you can find it much cheaper online), the kit is a pretty good deal for those brave enough to take a stab a home haircutting. The clipper is a solid performer and the trimmer is fine for home use. The accessories, while probably okay for home use, leave a great deal to be desired (more on that later).

The Clippers

I was actually impressed by the Wahl Chrome Pro Clipper and found it to be one of the finest consumer-grade clippers I've ever handled.

The rugged plastic bottom felt strong and solid, much like you'd expect from a progressional grade unit. The thinner top plastic "chrome" plate felt cheap, but it should hold up well under home use. I tested the clipper for a few days in a heavy-volume barbershop environment and, frankly, it held up quite well.

The carbon steel blades provided a smooth cut and the clippers ran cool and quiet. For home use, the haircutting clipper will certainly be a solid performer and more than capable of buzzing some heads for years to come.

The included battery-powered trimmer proved itself to be a fine performer for home use (although it felt like a toy in my hand -- again, I'm accustomed to the pro-grade stuff). The trimmer didn't cut as closely as I'd like, but for outlining and trimming up those stray hairs during a home haircut, it should be perfectly fine.

The Accessories

While I found the Wahl Chrome Pro clipper and the bundled trimmer to be solid, the accessories leave a lot left to be desired. Again, I am a bit biased because I'm used to the professional grade stuff, but after one haircut, I tossed everything but the clipper and trimmer into a drawer and hope to never see any of it again.

Besides the clipper, the guide combs are the most important element in a home haircutting kit and these were among the cheapest and flimsiest I've encountered in over two decades of cutting hair. A few of the guards, which seemed to have been thrown haphazardly into the kit, were bent and had to be straightened out.

They also didn't seem to be solid fit on the clipper, either -- one of the larger combs popped off it made contact with the client's head. If one were to pop off in the middle of cutting, you'd have a huge bald patch to contend with. If you do purchase this kit, I would recommend picking up a set of professional Speed-O-Guide attachments -- these are sturdy, inexpensive, and I've never had one pop off in the middle of a haircut. While the kit includes ten guide combs in lengths ranging from 1/8" to 1" (and right and left ear taper guides), I can't confidently recommend them.

The other accessories include a small spray bottle, the tiniest little mirror ever made, a plastic haircutting cape (that I actually thought was a white garbage bag), combs (also flimsy), oil, and instructions. It's almost as if Wahl decided to throw all of this crap (pardon my bluntness, but the term is fitting) into the package to give the illusion of value.

Yes, it looks good on the box, but the accessories are insulting to an otherwise fine clipper. If Wahl really wanted to include accessories worthy of this clipper, perhaps a set of their color coded guide combs, a cloth cape, and maybe a copy of the Wahl Home Haircutting Made Simple DVD would have been a better fit. I think people may even be willing to pay a bit more for a kit with some solid accessories.

Again, I have to say I'm a bit biased against home products (I did mention that, right?) and the included accessories may be fine for the occasional home haircut, but I wouldn't use them myself and I've been cutting hair for twenty years.

The Bottom Line

While the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit contains a solid clipper and trimmer, the accessories leave a lot to be desired. I highly recommend the Chrome Pro Clipper as a solid performer, but I really didn't like the accessories (although if they had bumped up the quality of everything in the package, I would have been VERY impressed). I recommend picking up the Wahl 5-Star Trimmer outside of the kit (about $35 online) and investing in a quality set of attachment combs like the Wahl Color Coded Guide Combs or Speed-O-Guide. Of course, as the owner of two barbershops, I really recommend actually going to a barber or stylist and getting a professional haircut -- the results are almost always better than what you'll get at home. Doing a great haircut takes proper training. That said, if you're looking for an quick, inexpensive home buzz, then the Wahl Chrome Pro Clipper and Trimmer will do the trick just fine and save you some dough in the years to come.