A Review of By Vilain Gold Digger Styling Wax

Heavy Wax to Tame Your Mane

By Vilain Gold Digger

When Emil and Rasmus Albrechtsen from Slikhaar reach out to let me know they have a product they want me to try, I'm always intrigued (Emil and Rasmus are twins with impossibly great heads of hair who are the brains behind the very popular Slikhaar TV and the Slikhaar Studio). The latest product they're hyping is the unique By Vilain Gold Digger.

The Product

By Vilain Gold Digger is a wax with an extremely high hold and matte finish.

The product is similar to many of the matte finish waxes on the market, except this one is strong. Very strong. It's like the bully on the hair product playground -- it'll beat your hair into submission. Of course, the amount of product you use can determine the hold -- use a very little for a lighter hold (or fine hair) or a larger dollop for stronger hold (or very thick hair). It really is a great styling product.

The product can be used for either groomed or high texture styles and it works like most matt finish waxes -- work a small amount around in your palms until they start to get a bit warm and then work it through dry or slightly damp hair. With By Vilain Gold Digger, it is essential to emulsify the product very well in your hands before applying it to your hair. Work quickly, however, this stuff sets up fast (in the hands, it quickly starts to feel tacky and glue like). To extend the "workable time" of the product, add just a bit of water to your palms.

You can also "cocktail" the product (that means using more than one styling product at a time -- yes, you can do that) if you're looking to retain Gold Digger's hold buy want a little shine. The product can also be used as a "pre-styling" tool by applying a little bit into wet hair and drying with a comb or wide-tooth brush.

This will help add some texture before finishing the style with a bit more Gold Digger (or another product of your choice).

The guy's Slikhaar TV Youtube Channel has some really great videos that will show you more on how to use Gold Digger. I'd recommend visiting the channel once in a while -- it's a great resource for styling and Emil and Rasmus are entertaining to watch as they describe products (English is a second language for them).

I've used this product on myself and several clients (it's great for thick hair, but may be too aggressive for fine hair) and I've gotta say, it's unique. Once the product sets up, that hair isn't going anywhere, but unlike a gel, it remains pliable. As I mentioned, By Vilain Gold Digger is a great option where control and a matte finish is desired -- and it can work well for formal styles or casual looks. I really love using Gold Digger to achieve that "day on the beach" type style -- it is also a good option for guys who feel like their hair looks better the day after they've washed it.

The white, wax-based clay has the consistency of a very heavy clay and has virtually no smell (although parfum is listed as an ingredient). Because of the wax base, you will need to shampoo the stuff out (which I recommend doing before bed daily) using a good clarifying shampoo (such as Redken for Men Clean Brew).

Bottom Line

I don't have a lot of negative things to say about the product. At around $25, it's reasonably priced for such a good product. It is a bit of a hassle to wash the stuff off of your hands (soap and water are required), but that's the tradeoff for a high hold product.

I would definitely recommend By Vilain Gold Digger for those who are looking for a super hold with a matte finish. I've had fun testing this one in my barber salon and I'll certainly keep this in my box of essential styling products.