A Photo Gallery of Alexa Chung Hairstyles

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How to Get Hair Like Alexa Chung

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Known mostly for her fashion sense, British "It girl" Alexa Chung is also revered worldwide for her boho, I-don't-care hair. The model, TV host and Vogue contributor cut her long hair back in 2007 and her new look helped catapult her to fame.

Her hair is always a bit unkempt as if she lets her naturally wavy hair air dry. She's had cuts as short as her jawbone but never so long as her shoulders, and she's known for her ombré hair color -- a trendy surfer girl look that's blonder on the bottom and darker on top as if the hair naturally grew out that way. She's also a big fan of the messy updo.

You'll be amazed at what Chung looked like with long hair (more on that later in the slideshow). The shorter look suits her oval face and makes her gorgeous light eyes pop.

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Alexa's Longer Shag

Alexa Chung, London 2016
Mark Milan/Contributor/Getty Images

Here she is pictured with longer hair.

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Alexa's Mussy Updo

Alexa Chung in September, 2010
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

This is another gorgeous look on Alexa.

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The Secret to Alexa Chung's Hair Color

Alexa Chung with curls, June 2010
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Everything about Chung is effortless from her casual style to her tousled shag hairstyle, which she wears down or up in a messy bun. And teens love her, according to Amy Astley, editor of Teen Vogue, in an article posted on the fabulous blog, Into the Gloss. Here's what Astley had to say on Chung's appeal to teens:

"Partly because she's an ex-model, she's got that going for her--that lanky body that photographs really beautifully...but I just like her tossed off hair. It's chopped, she lets her natural texture come out, she doesn't look tortured with blow dryers or straightening irons or anything."

Alexa hasn't always sported her signature short shag. Back in 2007, she had long, typically tousled hair which on her seemed rather bland. As she's aged, Chung has lost a bit of baby fat in her face revealing a gorgeous angular jawline. She's absolutely stunning.

Here, Alexa Chung shows off sun-kissed highlights. Later on, in this gallery, you'll see what she looks like with much darker hair but this "bronde" (blonde plus brown) hair color is what Chung usually sports.

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A Chat with Alexa Chung's Stylist

Alexa Chung Hairstyles -- her look in June 2009
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

According to an article in Elle UK, Alexa takes her hair inspiration from 1960s actress Jane Birkin.

The magazine quotes Chung's stylist George Northwood, who explains how he recreates the Jane Birkin look with a modern twist. According to Northwood, "this is a simple, one-length bob, but it’s cut into for a shaggier feel."

What's more, this look suits all hair types and face shapes. To get the color, Northwood tells Elle UK to "ask for a balayage technique, it focuses color through the ends of the hair rather than at the roots, giving a natural sun-kissed look."

Northwood styles Chung's hair with Kérastase Oléo-Crème, for a lived-in texture. He uses a diffuser to dry the hair. You can also "rough dry" hair by drying half way and then letting hair air dry and you scrunch it with your fingers.

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Chung's Surprising Answer to What She Most Dislikes About Her Appearance

Alexa's wavy shag
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Unbelievably, Chung isn't thrilled with her hair. In a Q&A published in The Guardian, Chung was asked, "What do you most dislike about your appearance?" Her answer would surprise anyone who covets her naturally mussy locks, "My ears and my incredibly fine hair that goes flat despite hours of back-combing."

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How to Get Chung's Signature Ombre Hair Color

Alexa Chung
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Here's Alexa Chung in bangs and ombré hair color. Note how her hair looks as if it's growing out from blonde to brown. To mimic this look, ask your stylist for "balayage" hair color and only on the bottom two-thirds of hair.

Baliage allows the stylist to paint swaths of color onto hair -- much better for this look than the typical pin-prick sized highlights that foils give you.

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Secret to Perfectly Unkempt Hair

British Fashion Awards 2012 - Inside Arrivals
Ian Gavan/Staff/Getty Images

Chung's hair looks unkempt and that's purposeful. To mimic this look, ask your stylist for long layers. This adds body. To style, towel dry hair out of the shower, add mousse and scrunch hair, letting it air dry. Continue to scrunch hair as it dries. You can also blow dry hair about half dry and then let it air dry. To get more body, backcomb hair. Bend over and spray roots with hairspray.

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Add Braids and Bobby Pins for a Cool Look

Alexa Chung in a braided hairstyle
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

This is a great look for anyone growing out their bangs or their hair and in an awkward phase. Simply braid air-dried hair and pin behind your ear. You can do as many or as few braids as you like.

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Alexa Is Known for her Surfer Girl Chic

Alexa Chung with bangs
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The surfer girl highlights are super popular for summer. Surfers have natural highlights with no obvious stop or start to them. To get this look, keep most of the hair dark but lighten pieces around the face. Stylists recommend getting chunky balayage starting at the chin down, plus a few pieces of bright color around the face. If you are a medium brunette, as Chung is, get a creamy gold hue on the ends and a warm caramel closer to your face (your stylist will know what I mean).

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Bye-Bye Surfer Girl, Hello Dark Chic Bob

Alexa Chung's bob/shag haircut from the front, April 2011
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

For winter 2011, Chung said "bye-bye" to her surfer girl strands and colored her hair a dark espresso color. Note how she's also cut her trademark shag into a bob with long, side-swept bangs.

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Side View of the Bob

Alexa Chung
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Here's a side view of her bob. Note that her stylist did not thin out hair with a razor, she has a ton of body.

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Alexa Chung & the Rise of the Demi-Bob

Alexa Chung's shag, February 2011
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Before she cut her hair all off, Chung sported this uber-popular demi-bob (née semi-bob). This popular hair length, which falls anywhere between the mid-neck and the shoulders, has been seen on many actresses and models this season.

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Alexa Chung's Signature Look: The Messy Bun

Alexa Chung mussy updo
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Chung is all about the unkempt bohemian look like the one here. To get this look, finger comb hair into a bun on the nape of the neck or the back of the head. Pull out a few face-framing strands.

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Another Mussy Updo

Alexa Chung updo
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Here's another typical mussy updo.

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A Favorite Alexa Chung Hairstyle

Alexa Chung in 2008
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

This early Alexa Chung hairstyle is so sweet yet funky.

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A Casual Look for Day

Alexa Chung in her signature mussy updo
Justin Campbel/Getty Images

Alexa Chung is the queen of casual cool, both with her personal style and with her hair.

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Alexa with Long Hair Back in 2007

Alexa Chung with long hair in January 2007
Claire Greenway/Getty Images

This is Alexa in 2007 just before she cut off her long locks and adopted her signature shag. She was very young here and still has a bit of baby fat in her face. As she's grown older, her face has become more angular. The shag cut also helps show off the angles and her eyes.