A List of the Best PR Firms for Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is all about marketing. While it may look like magic, most successful crowdfunding efforts are accompanied by well-crafted marketing campaigns. Rarely do crowdfunding campaigns hit their targets without real marketing.

Many entrepreneurs handle successful crowdfunding reward programs and marketing themselves. Others, especially if they have a budget to spend on PR, hire professionals to help get the word out to potential backers.

How to Choose the Right Firm

Think about how to compare one firm against the other. All firms are focused on raising money for crowdfunding campaigns, but they differ in how they go about building out your campaigns and in their expertise.

You want the firm you hire to be the best possible fit for the campaign you are running. For example, if your crowdfunding campaign is related to something in the health industry, a firm with experience working in that industry might be an ideal fit. As well, if you're running a campaign that needs to raise funds quickly, look for a firm that has experience with quick turnaround campaigns.

Still, keep in mind that even firms that don't seem like a perfect match for what you want might have ideas you never even considered. So, don't be afraid to consider a firm that doesn't initially fit with your vision; you might be surprised.

Top Firms Worth Considering

  • Founded by Roy Morejon, Command Partners is a digital marketing, advertising, and public relations agency. That means it has the resources and experience to build buzz around a crowdfunding campaign by getting reporters to pay attention and generating web traffic to hit the campaign pages on one of the largest crowdfunding platforms. Command Partners has worked with some high-profile crowdfunding campaigns like HEXO+, Bunch O Balloons, and GOKey, helping to raise millions of dollars for their clients.
  • Funded Today has emerged as an entire service platform for crowdfunding project creators and backers. Founders Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord are educators, lecturers, and go-to marketing consultants for some of the largest crowdfunding campaigns. They raised millions of dollars for campaigns like Trunkster, BetterBack, and Free Wavz. According to Quora, Smith says that his firm doesn't charge upfront for the campaigns. Instead, it takes a piece of all the money raised.
  • CrowdBooster uses a three-step process to launch its client's crowdfunding campaigns: Analyze, Promote, Blast Off. The firm charges a one-time fee, ranging from $199 to $499, and builds and optimizes crowds around Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns. The firm does a lot of work on social media channels, as well.
  • GoGoStarters bills itself as a Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing agency and has been the marketing muscle behind millions of dollars of crowdfunding campaigns, including high-profile products like AIRTIME, Equil Smartpen 2, EcoQube C, LIFX, and KANO DIY Computer. Like some of the other firms, GoGoStarters doesn't take money upfront.
  • Agency 2.0 is the product of years of experience in marketing, digital media, advocacy, branding, and experiential marketing for online fundraising. You might have heard about this full-service crowdfunding marketing agency through its work behind The Jay DeMerit Story, a documentary chronicling DeMerit’s journey from Sunday park soccer league to the 2010 World Cup. The agency has raised millions of dollars for campaigns like Touchpico, KREYOS, and Micro Drone 3.0.